DH and I went to a farm auction down the road today.  We were pretty excited with our purchases.

We’d been looking for a large pressure cooker/canner for putting food up this fall and we found one in superb condition for less than half the price of new!



Obviously not *our* picture, but this is it… a 23 Quart Presto canner.  Truly a great find.

We also found a dehydrator, though not the Excalibur we’ve been planning on.   But at $6 we really couldn’t pass it up and it will make fantastic liver treats for Legend and Kelly.  The man (it was an estate sale) must have loved botany as we also ended up with some great naturalist posters of native species of plants and animals and two really big and lovely flower presses! 

But, the very best find of all today was Mark’s.  This man had obviously loved plants.  He built a fully adjustable monster of a plant stand.  It has four huge shelves and has attachments for growing lights on each shelf.  We also got the growing lights!  He had intended on filling my kitchen shelves to the brim with seedlings, but now, blessedly, we will happily watch them grow on these shelves!  I’ll post pictures in the AM.  We are expecting heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds this week.  Just a wonderful find!