Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Today only – ends at 6PM.

We’ll see who is paying attention! 🙂

20% off for anyone who follows the blog.  Just enter code BLOG in the checkout.   This is good ONLY at my Hyena Cart.

We’ve stocked with Lavender Therapy soap made with goatmilk from Cinderella.  And re-stocked the Avocado and Calendula.  The healing balm is there along with Drench Lotion Bars for incredibly dry, chapped skin.

And, for goodness sakes, DON’T forget the lip balms!


Calendula Soap

Calendula Soap

I’m going to show you my school room!  BUT, first I need to tidy everything up.  It’s a Monday afterall – the official weekend recovery day.  I love (LOVE) Mondays.  They help me tidy up my bunny trails, organize everything, and accomplish something I can SEE  – a clean house and folded laundry.  We didn’t go anywhere or do anything this weekend, with the exception of creating a special place and play area for the baby goats.  I promise to try to get some pictures by later today. 

Another exciting milestone yesterday!  I’ve made goatmilk soap many times before in the last few years, but NEVER from my own goats…  And last night I made a delicious one – lavender essential oils, silk, goatmilk….  Sigh, it was so much fun!  I’ll post pictures later!