People fail to recognize their gifts. 

I was thinking about this as I thought about my Dad’s family.  They seem to be average, and yet, they are so incredibly far from it.  A family of eleven, they are creative, quirky, and so much fun.  Their favorite sport is to top one another, story for story, about their childhood.  It seems as though when I thought I’d heard it all, they find a new story.

I was thinking of a particular aunt…  Her sense of humor is unbeatable, she is loveable, sweet, and kind.  She has a flair for the arts, and paints quite nicely.  Now, if you asked her, she’d shrug it off.  She certainly wouldn’t call it a gift.  She considers it a learned art…. 

And, when I thought about it, I thought about the tradgedy that she doesn’t realize her gift.  No, it’s not in the painting.  The Lord says we’re made in His image, and yet each unique.  I’d venture to say not one of her paintings will ever be famous.  And yet that wouldn’t be storing up treasures would it?  Even if it spent years in a museum?

No, her gift is the gift to recognize the beauty in everyday objects.  The tear on the face of a child.  The sad curve of the face of a clown.  The sun hitting an old barn in the evening with just the right glow.  The gift isn’t the ability to paint, but the ability to make people stop.  And recognize the gift of beauty in the everyday.

I ran across a blog today and her current post did just that.  It stopped me.  Her photos were so beautiful.  Maybe they’ll make you stop, look around today, and give thanks for those little, everyday things that fill our lives with beauty.

Give thanks.