My sweet husband looked at me last Monday morning and said, “I know why, in the Amish, the women do the inside work and the men do the outside work.”

Yeah, me too.  It’s so when they wake up on Monday morning and the garden looks great, and the lawn looks great, and the barn looks great…. The women don’t look around their house and want to move, alone, to a tropical island.

I spent no less than six hours, more like eight, push mowing our acreage last weekend.  We haven’t quite got around to buying a riding lawn mower yet since our big move.  Now, I admit it, I like mowing the lawn.  But, come Monday morning, when I’ve neglected the house all weekend long, not done laundry, and have cooked, but not done dishes, well, it’s depressing.

So, I’ve vowed this weekend, this long four day weekend, this won’t happen.  Especially as we are having a homeschooling group meet at our home Wednesday morning.  That would be ugly.

So, perhaps if I commit to my “To Do” list here and now…. 

1. Laundry
2. Butcher three chickens.
3. Scrub AND polish floor.
4. Move all the rubbermaid tubs of clothes into the garage AND put them away.
5. Sarah’s dress
6. Sarah’s birthday cake
7. Sarah’s blanket with Lizzie
8. Work with Legend – he’s getting food aggressive towards Lacey.  We want him to, “Come, Sit, Wait…” And then I feed him from above and be able to pet him all the while he eats, 2-3 times per day.  He’s just too big to not train in this way. 
9. Bunny colony – set it up in the barn.  Okay, so this breaks the Amish Division of Duties rule, but these are my bunnies… I have to have SOME control!
10. Stake the goats – weed control around the fences.
11. Milk, yes this should be #1, but we locked her away late last night.
12. Secure goat fencing…  Long story.  But my dh is going to turn our dairy goats into meat goats if they get into his garden.  ‘Nuff said.
13. Kick all boys out of my house.  Amish Division of Duties en force.  😛