May 2009

Timothy was a good little boy…  A very active, energetic, slightly frenetic, albeit creative little BOY.  His mama loved Timothy very much… Most days.  But it always seemed as though the occasional, odd day would come along that sweet Timothy would seem to get into everything.

Poor Timothy.  He just didn’t understand.  He was only trying to help.  Why did Mama have that funny look on her face?  Why did her mouth get all tight around the edges and her eyebrows furrow together like that?  Why did she look like she wanted to say something…. But didn’t.   It was because Timmy’s mommy was biting on her very own tongue.

Timothy isn’t much of a sleeper.  As a matter of fact, some might call him an “early bird.”  Rising at the crack of dawn each day, Timothy, our sweet little hard workin’ boy was raring to go from the first light… Some times even earlier than that.  Many days it was before Mama had had her coffee.  And Mama desperately needed a full cup of coffee in order to be prepared to take on the day a la Timmy.  And, even more amazing than Timmy’s ability to wake early even though Mama was shockingly quiet, was his ability to tiptoe down the stairs and into the kitchen with no one hearing him.

But, never fear, if there was one thing Timothy was good at – it was making coffee!  Oh yes!  Coffee was Timmy’s specialty.  He would get out her favorite mug.  He knew she liked it ‘specially well because even though he had dropped it, and broken off the handle, and chipped it, she refused to throw it away.  And he KNEW she really LOVED creamer, because you should see the absolute FIT she’d throw when he’d drink it all up in a cup.  Oh, yes, Mama loved her creamer.  A good, strong shot of creamer, some coffee… What else could Mama want?  Cocoa!  Mama always loved it when Daddy made her cocoa!  But why was his so lumpy?  Daddy’s cocoa didn’t look like that.  Oh well.  Timmy figured he’d just cover it up with a bit of whipped cream!  Oh drat!  Why did it always have to stick to the spoon like that?  Just shake it harder.  Whooops.  We’ll wipe that up later.  Oh Mama is going to be thrilled.

(Little Timmy takes the coffee into Mama’s computer room.  Mama is indeed…. um, well… speechless.)



Disclaimer: Even though the author does indeed have a sweet little four year old son Timothy, she vehemently denies that the boy in the story bears any resemblance to her son.  All events in the episodes of stories about Timothy are indeed fictionalized.  Any such similarities to events or persons are purely coincidental.  Mmmhmmm….

And thank you Judith Viorst for writing the truly original Alexandar and The…  as we’ve enjoyed it over and over and over again.  Gosh, I wonder why.

Entry 2?

The farm we rent used to be a certified organic farm.  We’re pretty excited to drop our garden into the soil this year.  The farmer came and disced the area and our neighbor came and tilled it for us on Tuesday.  It did, of course, spend all day raining yesterday.  We’re hoping with good weather today and tomorrow, we’ll FINALLY get to put in our little seedlings.   Those seedlings are getting a bit desperate to be out of the containers we started them in way back in February.   It’s been a long, cold Spring and we’re hoping that by waiting a bit, we’ll have prevented the shock that many people are experiencing in their gardens this year.  

Fresh Dirt!

Fresh Dirt!

Exciting isn’t it? 

Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons is on the reading list for today and Friday.  Planting begins in earnest on Saturday. 

If I can in any way influence my husband, it will look like this woman’s blog by Monday.

  Don’t hold your breath though.  I have zero weight in the garden planning area.  I am Master Weeder.  Hear me roar.


That and barn re-arranging.  Angel and BlackJack are getting their own stall as I don’t trust Cinderella and her gang of misfits to be nice to our sweet Baby Angel.  Naughty goats.

I know how busy ya’all are…. It being Spring and all.  You can hardly tell here today as it is a very chilly 50 degrees.  We *did* get internet back as I’ve been missing it desperately, wanting to do some writing and planning of some of new curriculum for the oldest two…  And wanting to post, but since I didn’t have any pictures, and I know ya’all LOVE pictures, I resisted the urge to post at all.


First a couple of my newest chickies…  DH ordered a few of every kind he could think of that were available from McMurray’s.  Unfortunately, we lost several.  Eight to be exact.  They felt it was probably my use of alfalfa as bedding as it can have mold or mildew in it and chicks are extremely respiratory sensitive.  Despite this fact, they DID honor their livability guarantee which just SHOCKED me and I was so very impressed by that.  Honestly, I’d have rather had the chickens.  But it was nice that they performed so honorably.

My favorite chicks have been the Hamburgs, which unfortunately were decimated in the last two days of death.  But, I also LOVE the Blue Andalusions!

Blue Andalusian Chicks

Blue Andalusian Chicks


If you look in the background of these chickies, one of which is my new Buff Orpington rooster, you’ll see the rainbow of chicks we received!

Rainbow 'O Chicks


We’ve been very busy creating a colony for our rabbits vs. keeping them in hutches.   It’s in the works, so I promise indoor/outdoor pictures when we get the opportunity.  Christian bought a Flemish Giant buck this last weekend and  he’s a cute little guy.  I have ZERO idea what we’ll do with him, but he is very loveable.  And Lizzie finally got to pick up her little pygmy doe.  Angel is the sweetest addition we’ve gotten so far and we LOVE her.  Wait ’til you see!!  She is too cute for words.

Legend has been growing like a weed and he has the most beautiful personality, not to mention he is one GORGEOUS German Shepherd!  We have recent pictures of him as well.

Legend, sitting like a good boy.

Legend, sitting like a good boy.

Legend on alert.

Legend on alert.

He is absolutely an amazing dog and we love him dearly.  He’s TRULY been a family addition although he certainly listens to Ana best of all. 

And finally, we prepared dandelions for a midafternoon pick-me-up.

Sauteed Dandelions

Sauteed Dandelions

We sauteed dandelion greens in butter, garlic, orange peppers, and onions.  The taste was wonderful, but way too salty.  I added a bit of extra salt and it definitely did NOT need it.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

Friday we’re making dandelion syrup for the weekend pancakes.  It should be a lot of fun for both the  kids and myself.  I’ll post pictures!  Thank you Donna from BabyWearers for the idea!!

New chickies!!  I can go pick them up this morning!  DH LOVES variety, so there is practically 2-3 of everything…  How exciting!  Will post pictures later!

Drum roll please!!

I am so very excited and pleased to announce the artist who has
taken over the True Vine formulations.

I was actually able to meet this great mama in REAL life and I can
fully believe she is as committed to natural and herbs as I am.

Natalie has made letting go of the control of True Vine SO easy on me
and I have FULL confidence in her abilities AND her commitment to customer service.

Beyond that,her professionalism speaks in her packaging.  She’s done a beautiful job with her new labels and I am just loving her branding.

Herbal Balm and Amazing Packaging

Herbal Balm and Amazing Packaging

I really think she has what it takes to succeed and more than that, she’s a REAL mom who is committed to mamas and children…. Not just “faking” for a great marketing gimmick.  She’s the real deal and I just can’t say enough how happy I am at how all of this turned out.

The Avocado and Calendula soap?  It’s stocked!


Avocado & Calendula

Avocado & Calendula

And, wow!  Pomegranate soap?

Pomegranate from Earth Muffin

Pomegranate from Earth Muffin


What a great Mama’s Day treat for yourself or someone you love.

I am so grateful to all of my VERY loyal True Vine customers and I can’t tell you what a blessing you all were to me.  Natalie has made parting with the business very lovely and sweet and a true relief rather than a burden. 

So with great joy I am announcing Earth Muffin as my successor!
Blessings and ENJOY!

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