I’m fairly computer literate. Hey, I can use iTunes. I can upload and download with your average Joe.
Okay, so I’m no smooth clickin’ CyberMama, but I can get by.

So, please, imagine my surprise when I type “blacks specks blugill” into the Google search engine and get… Um, well some rather MORE than suggestive pictures. As a matter of fact there was nothing “suggestive” about the pictures… They were flat out BLATANT! I didn’t know what went wrong. I hit “Back” as fast I my mouse could click and checked the link that Google gave me. Nope, the link looked good, the description really was about fish. (By the way, the “specks” are parasites. Supposedly safe for human consumption but eewwww.)

This had been happening a lot lately. When I tried to figure out what was wrong with the washing machine, it kept taking me to unintended links.

I thought it was really strange last week when all my cookies were deleted and I had to retype my passwords into everything. Hmm… Clueless much?

Turns out I’ve been clickjacked. Yeah, it’s a new term for me as well. It opened our eyes to a lot of things including the fact that our computer world isn’t nearly as safe as we thought it was. We got rid of Internet Explorer – see ya! We downloaded Mozilla Firefox as our new browser. We downloaded the AVG Internet Security which works with Firefox. Then we downloaded NoScript which protects us against things like clickjacking.

Well, drat. I had meant to blog today on our plans about Summer Schooling and what we’d be doing this summer. Yes, I use the blog to motivate my real life. Oh well. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do such a thing. 😛 Instead I get to tell you about clickjacking and then go and change every single one of my passwords assuming I can remember them all. I’d highly recommend that you download Firefox with the NoScript plugin. I can’t recommend it enough. I clicked on perfectly legitimate links, protected links, with my Firewall and Security in place and I still got there… To that place you’d never want your children to know exists. I’m praying this will do the trick. In the meantime the kids have essentially been banned from any clicking until I am absolutely sure our innocent clicks won’t take us anywhere sordid.