I’d love to give you a deep & meaningful post this morning, but frankly, my brain can’t handle it.  Our well is going bad.  This farm life we love so much is seriously compromised at this point.  While, blessedly for us, we rent, at the same time we do not know whether our landlord will want to sink $10K into a new well.  Sigh.  That was something.

Added to the fact that I am torturing myself over whether to do Tapestry of Grace or Sonlight for Ana’s next year of schooling and my poor, addled, brain is just overloaded.  Take mercy on me.  So, here’s a snippet of a thoughtless post for your amusement and entertainment… But at least it’s useful!  Have  a good day!

P.S.  By the way, should anyone want to argue the case of Tapestry vs. Sonlight for HIGH SCHOOL, I’d love to hear it.  For me, I have a definite preference of Tapestry for the younger grades.  But as it will cost just as much to purchase the Tapestry books to add on Rhetoric as it would to buy Core 100 of Sonlight, but will require more planning on my part, I’m sorely tempted towards Sonlight for high school.  When responding, do please keep in mind that this next school year we will have Ana working on her first high school credits, one in 5th grade, one in 2nd grade, one in K/1st, one in PreK/K, one 3 year old, one toddler, and a newborn.  I have pieced together my own curriculum for years and now I desperately NEED someone else to do it.   Which leaves me to  wonder how in the world Michelle Duggar manages to run her household.

Garage Sales – Love ’em. But as any cloth diapering mama knows, onesies and cloth – well, they don’t work so great together. For one, I really like to let her go coverless. For two, if I use wool, I don’t want to compress it or squish it with a onesie!
I don’t like them. And, unfortunately, as the general public tends to prefer ‘sposies, they go with those smooth snappin’ onesies. So, at garage sales, what can you find? One million onesies.

Now, WHY in the world it never occurred to me to alter the onesies, I can’t figure out. Today has been a lightbulb moment for me. Thank you!
Tutorial for those that need it: