I had to update the post, because I found this pretty fascinating.

I was thinking how expensive homeschooling is vs. public schooling. And honestly? I resent it a bit. But you know, I got to thinking, it is so very similar to the decision a family makes when they choose to put their children in a religious, private school. I graduated from a private Catholic high school in small town Iowa.

So, after I got to adding up all the numbers from the previous post, and obviously, was deeply sympathetic to myself, 😉 I decided to put it in perspective.

So, I called a small town Iowa private elementary school, not far from where I went to high school.
The cost of a fourth grader to attend elementary school per year?

I tried calling the high school as well, but they were unavailable. Last time I was aware, the annual tuition was right around $2,400, if I remember correctly.

And keep in mind that if I pay tuition for my oldest, they do not, the next year say, “Gosh, well we purchased all these books, so we can reduce your second and third child’s tuition.” Of course not. That wouldn’t be feasible. They have significant operating expenses.

I think private education is one of those decisions that a family sits down and makes after truly weighing the pros and cons and the priorities they’ve set for their families.

Are we as homeschoolers any different?

We do not homeschool because we are opposed to private or public school. We have family members who teach, and gosh, my major in college was English (yes, sadly, it is true) with the intention of teaching high school English. This, by the way, does NOT give you an excuse to nitpick my grammar.

We homeschool because at the end of the day, our family is our greatest priority and we see homeschooling as a way to impress upon our children that our God, our family, and our political beliefs come before sports, before peers, and before all other things. Do I believe that parents who enroll their children in public school do not have these priorities? That’s not what I’m saying! For the record, for OUR family, homeschooling is the most practical way for US to instill the values we hold dear.

So, what’s that worth? Is it worth dial-up? Switching from cable internet to dial up will save you approximately $30 per month at $360 per year. Is it worth foregoing completely? That would save, if you were me, $50 per month, or $600 per year.

Other families don’t have the luxuries to give up at all. They’ll have to find a way to educate their children through other means – utilizing the library, utilizing online sites like Ambleside, writing their own curriculum.

My goal in the previous post was to weigh the two curriculums I find most attractive. But I don’t want to hint that they are not worth the cost. It is not affordable to everyone, but it doesn’t mean the value is less. And when I compare the expense of a private school education for one year, vs. the cost of an outstanding curriculum and the fact that I then OWN the books and can use them for my other children, the cost is very reasonable.

It’s also possible that ya’all won’t find this nearly as fascinating as I did, lol. Ah well.