Apparently it is a true fact that pregnant women lose brain cells.  At this point I should consider it miraculous that I breathe without machine support.  Truth be told, I’m dreadfully absent minded.  Without routines, “Honey Do” lists, and and charts, I’m fairly hopeless.

So, we’re taking off the month of June & July.  We’re doing a summer “lite” program  – arithmetic facts for 10yo Christian, and phonics work for 5yo Rebecca and 7yo Elizabeth.  In the meantime to keep me busy, I’m working on preschool plans.

Preschool is one of those things that just never seems to make it to the top of the priority list, and therefore slides right off the end of my day.  It’s unfortunate.  Tim could use the “sit still” training and I could use the “be patient with Tim” training. We’ve owned Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands to Heaven for about a year and a half now.  As I am going to roll Rebecca in with the Lower Grammar level of Tapestry this year, I think this will be a great time to organize preschool for Abigail and Timothy.   Oddly, though Abigail is 2.5 and Timothy is 4, they’re very academically similar in language ability and the ability to focus and parrot.  Not so odd I guess when you consider one is a girl and one is a boy.  It should work very nicely.

I’ve found a system that works well for organizing the older children’s schoolwork, but the hard part about preschool is the manipulatives!  I’ve been seriously considering Susan Patrick’s Workbox Systems, but sigh, I don’t know if I want to make that kind of space commitment.   While I know from reading she puts great importance on the idea of clear boxes, with this many children it would be incredibly overwhelming.  I’m thinking of cheating….  Just a little.  The same set up, but wouldn’t it be awesome on a bar hung up in bags like these?  Okay, granted, they’re expensive.  But, I’m telling you, I could rig something up.  I’m very handy with PVC.  Sadly, no, I’m not joking.  Plus, if I just wanted the clear bags, that would be easy enough and certainly these are less expensive.  And of course, one could not have a display taking up a ton of space, but I’m not going to tease…  THESE would work awesome for homeschoolers with limited space.   Of course, if we’re going to be honest, they’re nothing more than the really inexpensive single wire towel racks that you can pick up at Lowe’s for a few bucks and just tier them.   I can’t help but visualize my manipulatives organized, my school day laid out, and the children peacefully moving smoothly from one activity to another.

Okay, I’m dreaming a bit.  But the truth was, once upon a time ago, I had a toy/homeschool closet.  Every item we owned was on shelves, properly labeled – both with words and pictures, put away, just simply waiting for us to draw it out, utilize it, and put it in its’ exact location.  If I remember correctly the year was 2001 and up until December of that year, we only had two children.  😛

I still hold onto the hope.