Okay!  I’m a little behind….  I’ve had a few friends, and you know who you are, that have been hasslin’ me about joining Facebook.    With this strange amount of clicks coming mysteriously from Facebook yesterday,  I did it.  I caved.   I joined.

And of course then I had to peek at all of our old friends and aquaintances from high school.  It’s so ODD to see them as grown-ups.  And to be honest with you, I don’t think I really realized that *I* am now thirty-something.  Granted, the massive number of children should have clued me into it, but I’m telling you I don’t feel older than, what?  Twenty-two, twenty-three?   Of course, this could explain my paranoia that most doctors I see this day didn’t in fact go to college but are little Doogie Howsers straight from high school.

So, our farm has experienced a massacre of epidemic proportions.  I only wish I was kidding.  We keep our dogs kenneled when we are not outside with them.  Granted, we’re outside almost constantly, but it keeps everything safe and them under control and well behaved.  We do this because they are dogs, and because they are walking death.  Legend has a special affinity for chickens and Lacey will kill anything.   The other morning we awoke to two loose dogs and a dead hen pheasant.  I can’t tell how frustrating that was…. Knowing they probably dragged her off of a nest of eggs.

Then, tragedy hit.  Lacey got out of the kennel.  The kennel we’ve zip-stripped about every 2.5 inches.   First thing in the morning she killed a broiler chicken.  She followed that up by finding her way into my rabbit colony.  Please don’t try to picture it… It was ugly.  She killed 15 baby rabbits before we found her.

Lacey is going to a new home.  My mind is absolutely made up.  When they learned to open the kennel, we began to padlock it.  We’ve done our best but it’s time to admit defeat.  You can’t take an animal that’s been bred for a few thousand years to dig into tunnels and drag out rodents to leave the rabbits alone.  As this was the 21st rabbit she’s killed this year, I give up.  Grandpa picked her up last night.  She’s going to his farm, to replace a little terrier that died four years ago.  He only started talking about getting a new terrier this winter, so this works out beautifully.  She dig and chase to her heart’s content and not have to be kenneled ever.  Legend, without the instigator, should do okay.  We’re going to start chicken training today with him as I was just told he wiped out the Little Red Hen.  This truly was the biggest tragedy of all.

Lizzie and Little Red Hen

Lizzie and Little Red Hen

Lizzie loved the Little Red Hen.  Yes, I know, function… They’re supposed to be for meat, eggs, et cetera and we shouldn’t be attached to them.  It doesn’t work that way.  Lizzie’s little eyes are all red and puffy.  She admitted she might love it even more than Angel.  And the litter that Lacey killed?  Every last one of the entire litter?  Opal’s.  My favorite.  The little calico bunny.

I feel like quitting on days like today.  I’m really NOT a warm, fuzzy, animal lover.  I promise.  I have a heart of stone… kind of.   But I really did love that little calico bunny.  Sigh.

The good news is Legend is less distracted for now.   Lacey may come back after she’s fallen into good graces.  And if we decide to move the bunnies into hutches for their safety.  And this too shall pass……..