We watched Marley & Me last night.   Found it a little amusing. 😉

Legend is on strike.  With Lacey gone he isn’t enjoying being an only dog.  It’s made him a lonely dog.  And so he spends his day lying outside the door.  With the death of two chickens, dh has decided he really should be kenneled when we’re not there to watch him, Lacey or no Lacey.

Well, that’s fine.  He WAS content to stay in said kennel while Lacey was there.  But since she’s not, he doesn’t find it convenient to be kenneled.  So, he gets out.

Three days ago he broke the door off of the kennel.  It’s no easy feat as it’s a huge 8 x 14 kennel and 6′ tall.  He has an attached indoor kennel as well, but he’s focusing his attention on the outside.  We reattached it.

This AFTER he has learned to open the latch with his mouth.  We fixed that by putting a padlock (unlocked) through the hole of the latch.

Two days ago he found by throwing his weight against one side, he could force the tubing apart and escape where the kennel opens into the indoor kennel.   We fixed that.

Yesterday we took the kids out for Chinese for Father’s Day.  Legend had had free run of the farm all day since we were home and we kenneled him before we left.  We came home to an overjoyed Legend, just tickled to see us.  He met  us at the van door.  That’s right.  He escaped.  We looked the kennel over and couldn’t find the escape route.  Finally it occurred to us, the latch was too high!  He had pushed and pushed ’til he could just barely get out the bottom of the door.   Mark fixed that.

We kenneled him for the night.  Half way through the night we heard Legend chasing after something.  He had escaped.

We didn’t figure out how until this morning.  Remember, we latch the latch of the kennel.  Then we feed a padlock through the hole so he can’t lift the latch.

He got the padlock out of the hole.


THAT isn’t the funny part.  Oh no.  Sweet dog that he is, or show off, whichever…  He actually brought the padlock up to the house and laid it on our front step of the porch.  I’m NOT kidding.

DH & I walk out the door this AM and there sits Legend.  And there sits the padlock.

I can honestly say I’ve NEVER met a dog like Legend.  He is the children’s faithful companion wherever they go outside.  They can trip on him, fall on him, lay next to him, and he is ever patient and ever sweet.  Legend is many things, but one thing he apparently is not?  Dumb.  And he also seems to have quite a sense of humor.