How many of us reaarrange our entire house JUST so we can somehow squeeze 1 foot of extra space for the storage of books?  Uh…..Me.

That’s right folks, it’s THAT time of year again.  Or at least it is for me.   It’s school planning!  Woo Hoo!

Yesterday my entire living room got rearranged.  So that you could better see the television? Um, no.  So the lighting was better?  Again, no.  Oh, no, my living room has been rearranged for reading nooks and bookcases.  Which is no small feat in a slightly smaller that average living room with two loveseats, a recliner, and bookshelves….  And, yes, we had to keep the tv.  I like my husband!

So, then I manipulated… CONVINCED, I convinced my husband to take me out to eat and go preschool shopping.  Sigh.

I spent the afternoon printing off alphabet templates to be photocopied onto cardstock.  I get to cut them out tonight.  Then, having learned my lesson, they’re all getting laminated.  That’s right.  It only took the first four children to teach me!

The tweaked system means using a file system instead of several separate boxes.  I only have space to dedicate one shelf to each child.  I liked the idea of doing all the prep work in the evening, but couldn’t see taking up that much space… times six.

I found clear file boxes with pink lids for the girls and blue lids for the boys for $4.99 at Target!  I was thrilled with that and they’ll fit in my bookshelves.  Next came the clearing of the bookshelves.  That was painful.

So, it’s starting to look good and a little more prepared.   I’ll post pictures after we get the opportunity to decorate a bit and add names and make it look nice.  We’re getting there.  I’m hoping to have preschool planned a bit by the time my Tapestry gets here, then the real work begins!

My BIG find for the day?  The Home’s Cool blog!  She took the time to arrange the Sonlight titles in classical order… according to the time period they take place.   I was so blessed to find this blog as, from what I understand, Tapestry’s read alouds tend to be geared towards the older child.  And, TOG didn’t schedule family read alouds in the Classic version, only the Re-Design.  I’m not sure if that is indeed correct yet, but we will definitely be substituting in some of these suggestions as read alouds.  I was so excited to find this this morning and hope you enjoy the link as well!