Okay, I’m on it today!  I have my tabs for my binders printed, I’ve readjusted last year’s schedule for this year.

You’ll see my “scheduling” technique is SO similar to MOTH – Mangers of Their Homes.  It is initially where I got these ideas.  I bought my first copy of MOTH when I was pregnant with Hannah, so that would have been back in 2000… with just two little ones at the time.

I wish I had kept all of my schedules.  Wouldn’t it be neat to see how it’s grown, baby by baby?  We can’t print vertically anymore, it’s had to go horizontal.  I love the way they look, so neat and organized.  My first schedules were hand colored and pieces of paper stuck to a master schedule.  I find Excel works SO much better and it’s infinitely easier to tweak.  I thank my genius (and organized) hubby for this one.

One MAJOR difference.  I absolutely can NOT operate in thirty minute periods.  It doesn’t make me efficient.  It makes me a GRUMP!  I turn into this ornery old woman drill sergeant, and she’s not pleasant to live with.  I find a “routine” works SO much better for us.  We work on a “and this comes next” philosophy.  After the first week or two each child will know what comes next.  It matters not to me if we had a late night one night due to a family event and we get up an hour late, we just do what comes next….  If we’re potty-training a baby and there’s a major accident, then we clean it up and we don’t look at the clock and get stressed out because we’re “behind.”

You’ll also notice one BIG difference in our schedule this year.  Well, YOU won’t, because you didn’t see last year’s schedule.  But THIS year’s schedule has something new to us.  You’ll see each of our older children are not assigned a particular subject in order.  They are being taught the freedom and responsibility of scheduling and planning their own schoolwork.  Obviously they are still daily accountable to me (which will later in high school spread out to a weekly accountability) however, it’s a good thing to teach the children to be available.  When we’re doing tablework, we’re working in the same area, so I’m readily available to them, but by and large, they’re becoming very independent.

The ages of the children aren’t readily apparent, so I’ll list them as they may become useful to you.

Briana (13)
Christian (10)
Elizabeth (7)
Rebecca (5)
Timothy (4)
Abigail (almost 3)
Sarah (1)
And, if all goes well, God willing, the new baby will join us in December/January.

The schedule is in two parts because if I tried to fit it on one piece of paper we wouldn’t be able to read it!


Daily Assignment Sheets (also made in Excel)

The older kids fill these in themselves on the weekend and they’re ready to go for the week days.

Weekly Assignment Sheets ~ I don’t have a photo of these, but essentially they are what you see above, only more consolidated. They’ll tell each child at a glance what they need to divvy up and accomplish over the course of the week.

I put these in the file on Friday night.  This goes in along with a copy of their weekly reading (history and lit reading assignments from TOG)  and weekly overview (worksheets, ideas for hands on, etc. from TOG), and for Ana, five days of her Sonlight science schedule for Apologia’s General Science.

Now that said, we are taking recommendations from Tapestry and following much of their weekly timeline. To consolidate this is how we’re doing it:
Mondays – Do all lit and history reading for the week or as much as possible.
Vocabulary should also be filled out and filed this day. The writing assignment and scope are introduced on this day and the first draft is due on Wednesday.
– Finish up any other reading. Work on writing. Hands on items – start.
Wednesdays – First drafts of said writing assignment is initially due for discussion as well as editing by self.
Discussions take place on Wednesdays. Worksheets that correlate with the reading would be good for today as well as any mapwork.
– This is a time to draft writing and polish. Catch up on any literature work. Work on / finish up hands on projects depending on when they should be done.
Fridays – Draft of writing is due for Mom’s edit and polish. Spelling test. Go over vocabulary as well.

Obviously you are doing your other subjects – Latin, Grammar, Math, Science as well throughout the week, but is a manageable way to break up Tapestry and puts it into layman’s terms that a child can look at and say, “Okay, so this is how I break up that weekly assignment sheet!”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m wiped out! I’m off to a nap and then maybe come back and finish up my binders and take a few photos for ya’all.