“The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing.  But in our culture, we apply for a curse and reject blessings.”

~Doug Phillips, Vision Forum

Our culture doesn’t particularly care for children.  Necessary evil?  Perhaps.  They attempt to institutionalize them as quickly as possible with daycare beginning at 6 weeks, preschool shortly thereafter, and then school.  They keep children locked away from the rest of society as much as possible, keep them with their peers, and then can’t figure out where children have gone wrong.

If I wanted to teach a monkey how to behave, would I lock it away with other monkeys and limit my contact?  Absolutely not!  You’d devote massive amounts of time to the care, the behaviour modification, the training of that monkey.  Our society is flabbergasted at what a devotion to the training and care of  APES can accomplish.  Every sign a monkey makes is considered akin to a miracle…  We can see the value in beasts, and yet we don’t believe our own incredibly intelligent children can be taught?  This confuses me.

You perhaps don’t believe me?  You think we as a people treasure children?  Maybe you ran across this site by accident.  Maybe, and I’ve been subjected to it, maybe you think people with large families are incredibly selfish considering the gross overpopulation.   Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock.  There is no threat of  gross overpopulation, at least certainly not any more… According to this link there is a need for a birth rate of 2.1 to simply sustain an economy.  2.1, that sounds like a relatively low number… If, like me, you have a vested interest in this type of thing, you notice the headlines.  France has been “paying” for babies, Russia’s doing it, Germany is a long time fan of financial incentives.  If you didn’t read the link then you won’t know that Ireland has Europe’s highest birth rate!  Is it a whopping 3.4?  What about 2.8?  No, I’m sorry to report, Ireland didn’t even hit 2.1 and stands at only 1.99.  Europe can’t replace their dead.  They are attempting to rectify this but their people aren’t so eager to go along.

Here in the U.S. we are facing a declining birth rate as well.  In this link, for a comp, you’re looking at live births per woman in the U.S.  You’ll see that for 2008 we’re standing right at 2.1.  At this point, I’d like to add I’m all for France’s plan of giving us a reimbursement as well as raising that reimbursement for each additional child over 2.  🙂  I’m teasing of course, but countries are beginning to see they NEED children.

What was the point of this post?

Well, there wasn’t one really.  I embraced the quote from Doug Phillips years ago when I first heard it.  Attached it to my signature on a forum I frequented back then, etc.  But what really brought this post to life was that a very ironic thought which occurred to me yesterday.

In 2005, the average cost of an uncomplicated vaginal birth was $6,973, according to this chart.  Now, I don’t know about you, but my last two births were uncomplicated vaginal deliveries.  In the last, the doctor walked into the room, sat in a chair, had a quiet conversation with the nurse until I said, “It’s time.” And I pushed about twice and she caught the baby.   This process took less than 15 minutes total.   It was exactly the way I liked it.  Abigail’s birth was even simpler.  The doctor broke my water at just past 8 cm, then ran down the hall because someone else was delivering.  In the meantime the nurse was kind enough to catch our baby girl.  It worked out beautifully and I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant birth.  So, no drugs, no machines, no invasive procedures, or needing to dilate an unripe cervix.

Ah, but the cost of the hospital stay!  That’s where the cost is wrapped up.  Well, okay, maybe.  Let’s say I give you that…..  The average cost of a home birth, uncomplicated vaginal delivery, attended by a midwife is now at about $2,300.  (Oh, what I wouldn’t GIVE for a midwife homebirth!  Ya’all do NOT know how blessed you are!)

And the irony in all of this?

According to this link, the average cost of an abortion is $413 by 2007 standards.  It is by far cheaper  to dispose of a baby than to give birth.  Now, granted I’m not entirely sure what is entailed in the abortion procedure, but most definitely they have to dilate an unready cervix, perform the procedure, and dispose of the baby.  I had a simple physical in February.  I had to give two vials of blood to test for anemia and my thyroid levels.  THAT bill was almost $400.  Please don’t tell me it’s not in SOMEONE’S best interests to do away with babies.  I was going to attempt to leave out the part that in my search for the average cost of an abortion,  most abortions are subsidised by donors, but you know, I just can’t pass it up.  That’s right, people and companies are more than willing to pay for you to kill your baby.  How lucky are you?

I’m not, by a long shot, an activist.  I am certainly pro-life, though it might surprise you to know I was very much pro-choice.  In high school we had a pro-life rally, remember I attended a Catholic high school, and I walked off the bleachers and out of the gym rather than sit there.

Absolutely that changed with my religious views, and pregnancy, but all that aside, someone PLEASE explain to me how we, as a society, can value life so very, very little and yet still survive?  Still raise decent human beings.

It’s cheaper to kill a life than bring one into the world.  How shameful is that?