We had our own miracle here yesterday.

I’ve been having a lot of pressure and contractions, and finally a lot of crampiness yesterday and finally went in for an ultrasound….. To find that my cervix is STILL 4.1. It’s slightly shorter than it was but not by a lot which was a big surprise and great news. But that wasn’t good enough. The complete previa has moved and it’s now only marginal previa.

So let me explain HOW big of a deal it is. Because it seems like every pregnant woman I know is climbing out of the woodwork to let me it’s no big deal, their previa moved too, lol.

It’s a VERY big deal.

Miraculously so.

And this is why: A pretty good number of women get previa. It’s not uncommon at all. I’ve had it three times now. The first time was marginal. The second was low lying. This one was complete. Most women will have marginal (on the edge or lip of the cervix) or low lying (very close to the cervix.) A few women will have complete previa where it covers the complete cervix. And fewer still will have complete previa where it’s fully centered over the cervix. The last category has the smallest chance of it moving. Now. Let’s say you have ten women with previa in a room. Out of those ten women, NINE of them will have their previa move. This is why there are pregnant women relating their stories saying, “Well, I had previa and it moved.” That tenth one is usually someone with a complete previa. But that’s not all. Previa generally moves in the late second trimester, or early, or mid third trimester. It’s almost always moved by 34-35 weeks. As the uterus grows much larger and stretches, the placenta takes a natural trip along the wall and further and further away from the placenta. And in the worst case scenario, and they still have the placenta at delivery? Well, you do a c-section and it’s done.

In OUR scenario, we didn’t have ’til 34 weeks. Our obstetrician wouldn’t take the risk of a hemorrhage and place the cerclage we need in place for our incompetent cervix. We NEEDED that placenta out of there no later than 20 weeks. Sooner (like NOW) would have been better. But because the uterus is relatively small at this stage and not growing rapidly, it doesn’t tend to move yet. At 12 weeks I had a complete, fully centered, placenta previa. And I had been told no stitch. With all the contractions lately and the amount of pressure, we felt like the baby had been given a death sentence.

More than that, we were worried about me as well. An incompetent cervix dilates to a very large degree (6-8 in my case) pretty much totally painlessly and without any warning. In our last two deliveries I dilated to 8 without any unusually strong contractions. The fear here is that when my cervix starts to dilate, we’d start to hemorrhage. It was, honestly, a pretty frightening proposition.


I no longer have complete previa. I only barely have marginal previa. My dr. still will not do the cerclage. However, he will refer me to a perinatologist in a larger university hospital so it can be done. I get the referral on Monday.

My God? He’s a BIG God. He didn’t do a little miracle. This one was one of those monster miracles… The REALLY big kind. If this placenta had moved at 26 weeks… 28 weeks… 34 weeks… Well, it wouldn’t have been that unusual. But to move in THREE weeks. THREE WEEKS!!! And do you know how far along I am? 15 weeks 4 days. That’s it. We’re not talking about a stretching uterus. We’re talking about the placenta – as one friend put it – growing legs, pickin’ up, and relocating. 🙂 LOL

And I’d like to say I withstood this with grace and I can’t. I can say some days I was strong through Him. And some days I was very, very weak, especially thinking about Hannah’s death, which was pretty ugly. Everyone, please, say a thank you to God today in your prayers for me. It looks like in December/January I might just have a baby to hold.