As with all things new, knitting has become a current obsession.  Today I had nothing to knit.  Well, it’s not entirely true.    I have some lovely variegated lime merino in a fingering weight that wanted to be a hat and booties……..  It doesn’t want to be that anymore.  Ever since we found out the baby is certainly a little girl, it wants to be something else.  Or *I* want it to be something else, but alas, I haven’t decided WHAT!  Methinks Abigail would look awfully cute in green booties.

All that aside, we know that I learned to knit.  I bragged of course.  I knit myself three lovely washcloths.  I placed an order at KnitPicks for wool for legwarmies.  I’m ready to knit.  And yet, the long awaited package has not yet arrived.  Finally on Wednesday I got desperate.  In a desperate move to knit something, anything, I searched for a simple pattern on Ravelry until I found something I had both yarn AND needles for.

Okay, so I didn’t EXACTLY have what I needed.  I found hats.  But then I turned to a little library book I had sitting here.  One skein of worsted wool.  Check.  One pair of size 8 dpns and one set of circular needles 16″ cable, size 8.  Well, I had size 7.  So, in my head this worked out… The pattern being for a teenager and me having several little girls.  It was a perfect match.  I was hoping it would fit Elizabeth, age 7.5.  But if it didn’t there was always Rebecca or Abigail.

Baby Sarah's New Knitted Hat

Baby Sarah's New Knitted Hat

Never in my wildest imagination did I see it only fitting Sarah.  Honestly?  So what?  I got to conquer my fear of knitting on both circular needles and double point needles.  I can’t say I enjoyed knitting on dpns, but I did figure it out.

So this morning DH wanted to go on a bit of a roadtrip.  I’ve mentioned that we are going to move South although as of right now he’s planning on moving AFTER the baby comes.  I’m thankful.  So we went driving through communities to see if any tickled our fancy.  I just wanted to knit.  So, FINALLY a hobby I can take on these excursions.  Did the UPS man bring me my package?  No.  Surely the mailman would bring me my package?  No.  So I was left with the remnant of my Sugar & Cream.  Fine.  I knitted another washcloth.  Sigh.  It didn’t hold the same glory and challenge the first few did.  But, it was knitting.

Was my package waiting for me when I got home?  Nope.

Please, please, please let it be here on Monday.  My goal for the week is to teach myself to Magic Loop.  That’s going to be a little challenging without yarn or needles.  I have the project, well, actually the next two projects all picked out.  I’m ready!  Where oh where could my poor package be?

Oh, but the day was lovely.  We enjoyed it very much and saw some beautiful Iowa communities.  We stopped at a gorgeous wooden park and let the kids play for a long while and DH and I even got to play with them a bit.  Came home and made a nice fire and toasted some marshmallows and watched a little “Elizabeth” television.

“Elizabeth” television, for those of you don’t know is our 7 year old’s Improv show.  She sets up the “television”, a cardboard box, and then gives us a remote control.  We’re allowed to flip through the channels, calling out shows – cooking, fishing, Snuggi commercials, whatever, and she does the acting.  She’s remarkably good at acting, but her improv seriously takes the cake.   Tonight she was even kind enough to act out the Dog Whisperer for her old mama.  Lovely night.  Might have to keep those kids. 🙂  Thank you God for all my blessings.

We got tucked into bed fairly early.  I had fallen asleep with Little Sarah when the kids headed to bed.  Everyone was tucked in when the sweet aroma of skunk drifted through our window.  And then we heard a dreadful squeak/scream.   I’m pretty sure it was a dying bunny. 😦  We had put away Legend for the night instead of leaving him loose.  Mark grabbed his gun and out we headed……  Certain that a skunk had found his way into our bunny colony and was killing the buns.  They were alert and awake, but not disturbed.  Blackie, the mischeivious one, is the only one that can get out of the colony.  And he spends most of his time in the woodpile.  The question is, did the skunk get Blackie?  Or did something get the skunk?  No ideas…..  I guess we’ll  know if we don’t see Blackie out and about.  Odd though that Legend, our fearless watchdog, never did bark.  Hm…….  Very unlike Leg.

And where does that leave me?  Well, I had a bit of a nap, so of course I’m wide awake with no sleep coming near.  I’m going to go read my Dog Whisperer book and hopefully fall asleep.  The nice thing about Cesar’s books is that they convince me we have one incredibly wonderful dog.  Even if he does eat live chickens and Abigail’s little stuffed pony.   And my chicken water.

And the recyclables.

And the kids’ softballs.

And wood?

And anything plastic.

But he sure is beautiful.  And sweet.