I found myself in Luke this morning.  My devotions tend to follow no pattern, no sensible path.   And I admit I feel a little heavy this morning.   Sometimes I think while there is great joy in being a mom to many, there is also shouldered a heavy burden as well.

This morning, as I thought about how I felt, I decided it was a bit like a small child who has been given a  gift that is both huge and lovely.  She can’t wrap her arms around it, she can’t carry it home, and she wonders how she’ll ever be able to get it home… It seems a bit overwhelming and more than a little worrisome.  But she desparately wants it.

Thus far I have nine children….. Hannah is with Christ.  Out of my two oldest children who understand the concept of salvation, one is a Believer, the other is not.  There are days when I will run the statistics through in my head of how many of my children will follow my faith and how many will turn away.

I feel a bit like when the Lord says I am not willing that ANY should perish.  I am simply not willing.

There are days like today that I ponder the value of a good church, an Awanas program, things of this nature.  Truth be told I would really like the burden and blessing of instilling my belief system and faith passed onto someone else for a bit.  It is an awesome gift, to be sure, and yet I feel like the three year old… I DO wonder how I will carry all of it home.  It seems more than a little overwhelming at times.

Today I shed more than a tear as I looked at the beautiful pictures of my children hanging on the wall.  I would be willing… Willing to give just about anything that they should come to faith.  Willing to go through anything “bad” in order that the Lord use it for good, for faith in their little lives.

Do you not wonder, MOMYS, how you shall ever fulfill this task the Lord has given you?  How you shall ever hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant?”

I firmly believe I was “given” two verses this morning… One to me, the other regarding my family.

Luke 8:48

“Daughter, your faith has healed you.  Go in peace.”

Luke 8:50

(The Lord here is speaking to the father of a child that has just died.)

“Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.”

And so what is there to do but to walk in faith with prayer and thanksgiving?

Have a blessed day.  Bless your family, pray for your family, love your family.  Thank God for them and be grateful today.   More than that, walk not in fear, but in faith.