December 2009

Daniella Hope is here!  Born at 36 weeks and 6 days, December 23rd – Elizabeth’s birthday, she weighed in at a hefty 6lbs. 10 oz.  She is a round little thing and it  was a lovely birth, if a little TOO fast.  I have to congratulate my beloved obstetrician this time though – he did ACTUALLY make it to the birth, although we made him run for it.  Did he get to catch the baby?  Well, no, he didn’t.   To be fair to me, I had too little warning to tell the nurse.  One moment we were chit-chatting between contractions, the next moment I thought she was crowning… Up from the birth ball and wasn’t sure I’d make it onto the bed.  She called for the doctor and another nurse, I got to have another contraction – and my husband announced, “Yep, there’s the head” as our Dr. O tried to get on his gloves.  “Oh, she’s here!” was his next comment, poor doc still with no gloves on.  But he made it!  And that was quite a change from Abigail’s birth – the one he missed and the nurse delivered, lol.  We hear that he literally ran down the hall for our room at the phone call… Pretty amusing and I’d like to have seen it as this would have been no small feat.

Miss Ella did have a bit of a breathing problem.  The neonatologist tells us that it was most likely because she didn’t get “squeezed” in the birth canal and was born just a bit too fast.  Once she was stabilized in the NICU for having a troubling oxygen saturation she did much better.  They kept her on CPAP for the evening and the next morning, weaning her down to room air.  Today, Christmas, they’ve removed the IV, the ventilator, the feeding tube and she’s a champion nurser.  We hear we’ll get to go home tomorrow morning.

And so our so very precious ninth child has made her way into this world.  She is indeed a very real miracle as those of you who have read the journal of our pregnancy can attest.   What an amazing and lovely testimony to God’s goodness.

May you all be blessed this lovely Christmas season as we celebrate not only the birth of our Saviour, but give thanks to our Lord for His goodness in watching over every little detail of our lives.   And for blessing us beyond comprehension.

No, the sweet baby hasn’t arrived yet!  We’re anxiously awaiting the delivery of baby #9.  The obstetrician cut the cerclage on Thursday and we eagerly anticipated her arrival.  The plan was (considering the last two births) to do an augmentation.  I *always* dilate to at least 4-5 cm. when the stitch is cut, then we’d just head over to the hospital.  Obviously God had different plans.  We dilated to 2.  This hasn’t ever happened to me before so we were a bit surprised.  We walked and walked (and nearly finished our Christmas shopping) but no cervical change.  We went home, expecting a baby very shortly.  Lo & behold it’s now Monday and no baby. 🙂  It’s okay though!  Anticipation is part of the fun I suppose.

But, no, that isn’t our big news.  Earlier in the year, we expected so much medical intervention with this pregnancy we were planning a move closer to the University hospitals.  Once they were able to place the cerclage, we didn’t need to make that move.  However, in the meantime, plenty has happened and my sweet husband is being transferred to… (drum roll, please) Oregon.

Yup, that’s right ~ Iowa to Oregon with one newborn, seven other children, and one 100+ lb. German Shepherd.  Can’t wait for that road trip!  I’d be lying if I said we weren’t secretly VERY excited.    We’re also more than a little nervous.

Plenty to do today… I still have three pairs of little girl flannel nightgowns to sew before Christmas and if time allows matching dolly pajamas!  I DID indeed “master” knitting and we made a pair of longies with matching hat for the new little one.  She does finally have a name and we expect Daniella Hope soon.  Now if only I can get these booties completed as well.  Unfortunately they take a backseat to the nightgowns.

Daniella's First Longies dyed by JuliBeans

I hope you’re all having a very merry and lovely Christmas season!