No, the sweet baby hasn’t arrived yet!  We’re anxiously awaiting the delivery of baby #9.  The obstetrician cut the cerclage on Thursday and we eagerly anticipated her arrival.  The plan was (considering the last two births) to do an augmentation.  I *always* dilate to at least 4-5 cm. when the stitch is cut, then we’d just head over to the hospital.  Obviously God had different plans.  We dilated to 2.  This hasn’t ever happened to me before so we were a bit surprised.  We walked and walked (and nearly finished our Christmas shopping) but no cervical change.  We went home, expecting a baby very shortly.  Lo & behold it’s now Monday and no baby. 🙂  It’s okay though!  Anticipation is part of the fun I suppose.

But, no, that isn’t our big news.  Earlier in the year, we expected so much medical intervention with this pregnancy we were planning a move closer to the University hospitals.  Once they were able to place the cerclage, we didn’t need to make that move.  However, in the meantime, plenty has happened and my sweet husband is being transferred to… (drum roll, please) Oregon.

Yup, that’s right ~ Iowa to Oregon with one newborn, seven other children, and one 100+ lb. German Shepherd.  Can’t wait for that road trip!  I’d be lying if I said we weren’t secretly VERY excited.    We’re also more than a little nervous.

Plenty to do today… I still have three pairs of little girl flannel nightgowns to sew before Christmas and if time allows matching dolly pajamas!  I DID indeed “master” knitting and we made a pair of longies with matching hat for the new little one.  She does finally have a name and we expect Daniella Hope soon.  Now if only I can get these booties completed as well.  Unfortunately they take a backseat to the nightgowns.

Daniella's First Longies dyed by JuliBeans

I hope you’re all having a very merry and lovely Christmas season!