On the bad days….

1. Some days I’m acutely aware that I have five children aged six and under.

2. Some days I’m very aware that the laundry and I are engaged in an epic battle… And I’m losing the war.

3. Some days I’m aware that I am not doing the amount of “above and beyond” homeschooling activities that I might do if I had two children, responsibly spaced three years apart.

4. Some days I’m made aware (by others OR by my very own self) that we might be crazy.

And it is even on THOSE days that I am also aware I’m blessed beyond reason.

I never deserved to learn this much patience.

I never deserved to even peek at the love my heavenly Father must have for me.

I never deserved to be given tiny human beings to care for…

I never deserved love beyond boundaries… The kind only children have for their mothers.

Even on the bad days I’d rather be a mama than not at all.  Little arms wrapped around my neck make everything worth it.

So today:

1. Gather them around you and pray for each one.

2. Sit down in the mountain of laundry and smile.  This is the way we nurture.

3.  Take the day off of homeschooling.  Enjoy the extra TIME you get to spend tying strings to your older children.

4. Appreciate that you really might be crazy.  But just think… If you did everything like everyone else, you really would have missed out on something.  Or someone.

Lord, thank you so much for the chaos.  Thank you for the craziness.  Thank you for the children.