I woke up this morning feelin’ a little crafty.   No, not sneaky!  CRAFTY!

I don’t get that tickle often.  I haven’t since we moved here.  It was the absolute CHAOS of this last season and I just couldn’t handle the idea of creating.  Something about being overwhelmed makes just the idea of getting out supplies overwhelming.

I felt the push to create in December, to prepare for that pretty little baby.  And then in January when my husband was in California, and me?  Oh, yes, *I* was in Iowa in January. 🙂  With him gone and with us facing horrid, wretched, awful news about Daniella, I couldn’t do anything but keep my head above water.

I was stressin’ the other day about getting kids ready for a homeschool play date… You know, the usual.  Find the shoes, matching socks, get out the door on time.  And it occurred to me I was behaving a bit more frantic than I did at any moment in the month of January when I SINCERELY had things to stress about.  Isn’t that odd to you?    Adrift in an ocean, you can scarcely keep your head above the waves, you don’t worry about the mundane.  Your only goal is to keep your head up high enough to prevent yourself and those around you from drowning.  You can’t think about what you’re doing or analyze the best way to do it…..

Sometimes we worry about this or that… We let little things bother us.    And what a blessing that is.  Essentially it means that the big things aren’t dragging you under the water.   I’m grateful for little problems.

On a lovely note, Ella Pie is doing well.  She’s growing.  Today she is almost three months old.  She will be twelve weeks on Wednesday.  She is in a newborn sleeper right now and I think this will be the last time she wears it! 🙂  It’s getting a bit too snug and small.  Bring on the 0-3 month clothing!  She has a few newborn ‘sposies left.   We’ll need to use those in a hurry, she’s getting too big.  Her fingers are starting to fill out.  Her little elbows aren’t quite so sharp.  Her legs are still a little scrawny.

And as far as metabolics, the last tests came normal.  What in the world?  It can’t be normal to have a 12 week old that is less than nine pounds when she was practically seven at birth.   Who knows?  If it isn’t a miracle I’m still willing to let God have credit and if it is then I’ll take it and be grateful.

She seems to be hitting milestones too.  Last night she was in her swing while we ate dinner and celebrated Christian’s birthday.  And her head was turned towards our voices.  That’s new.  She smiles now.  Not just randomly, but in response to seeing her favorite Mama… Er, oops, I mean people. 😛  She isn’t coo-ing yet, but she really wants to!  I can see it on her face, lol.

It’s easy to forget what a gift average is… What everyday boring is…  It’s a gift.  On a day when the sun shines and nothing better (or worse) than that happens?  It’s a gift.  I’d even take rain. 🙂

So, finally, with so much chaos behind us and normalcy appearing to settle in, I’m finally feeling the itch to create again!  I saw cold process soap yesterday… I’m almost out of mine and thought about BUYING (GASP!) a bar of soap… But DH has promised to make me a new mold so I can make something yummy for the family.  I think I’m going to do something wild,  for the sheer joy of being able to!

I’m trying to finagle DD into doing some dying for me.  Ella is outgrowing the newborn longies I made and I want something fun and easter egg colored!  I got in on a Mosaic Moon co-op last week.   A custom colorway in Seaglass and one skein of October Morning.  I managed to NOT order the Dandelion but I think it took every last ounce of strength.

We’ll see if I can manage to get anything done today…. It’s Monday.  School, more school, a lovely salt dough map is on my list for the afternoon.  But I have several lovely diapers to finish up for Ella.  Perhaps even some pictures tomorrow?  We’ll see.