Not as busy as I *should* be, lol, but still….

Picture heavy post this morning just because I feel like it.

First and foremost, Happy Easter.  Er, um, a little late…

We’re rolling with school and it feels good getting settled in!  Everything, with the exception of my canning jars are unpacked!  Hurrah!  We’re getting used to Oregon and the natural beauty this state has to offer truly is breathtaking.  I wish it was a wee bit closer to Iowa, but still love it, love it.

So, one of Becca’s new little friends had a birthday the other day.  Yes, I *totally* did use it as an excuse to make something.    We dyed the yarn with kool-aid and found this cute little dice bag on Ravelry… Of course the two purled lines actually started as a mistake – I’m not terrible good at the whole knitting thing yet, lol, but I think it adds texture and character.  (Or maybe not and it’s still just a mistake.)

Ignore the dates on the picture.   Obviously these were taken after my batteries went dead.   The doll is an upcycle project, btw.  The dress is from scrap fabric from a bathroom project in February.  The skin for the doll is actually a t-shirt from Goodwill and the 80% cotton velour is taken from lounge pants, also from Goodwill.  We cut off the legs to make “capris” out of them for oldest dd.  And we used those scraps for the hat.  I was pretty tickled by how it turned out, though I still despise sewing on knits.  I’m sure I’ll improve.  Not too bad for my first doll since 2001.  And let me just add that THAT doll didn’t go well either.  We still have her but she’s missing many of her parts. 😛  (I’m not good at hand sewing either.  I think it’s a general lack of patience.)

I have about a dozen current projects in the works and they are NOT going fast.

I pulled together a lot of ideas from various tutorials and didn’t have a pattern for it.  I’m going to do a link post here, hopefully tomorrow of skirt and dress tutorials.  I’m loving not needing a pattern and I think it helps me be a little more creative.  Creativity is NOT my strong point and I have a tendency to only be able to view something one way.

I need to get to it and do it, but oh the commitment of projects…  And I get so sidetracked.  The most vital is Ella Pie’s cocoon.  I need to finish it up and get pictures of her before she’s too BIG!  That’s right, I said it!  TOO BIG!  So, the Iowa City doctor called me last week.  It turns out that they are changing their “norms” on those tests that she was positive on…..  So that a child like Daniella would not have been labeled as having MMA.  I’m grateful.  Maybe it will spare someone else a lot of heartache from a false diagnosis.   I’m just flat out grateful.  But there are children out there with metabolic disease.  And just think, I never thought about it.  Not once, not ever.  Until I thought it had happened to me.  There but by the grace of God………

At any rate,  we visited our pediatrician here last week and she is officially ON the charts at the fifth percentile.  She is now officially four months old and she weighs in at a whopping TEN pounds and two ounces, lol!  She has outgrown her newborn clothes! Finally!  She actually looks downright CHUBBY!

And, yes, those ARE upcycled longies from a Goodwill sweater! 😉

What’s on the list of projects?  Well, first and foremost I seriously need to sit down and look through my spelling curriculum and get Christian started on it.  He’s not a natural speller and we desperately need to make some headway in that general direction.  Ana has picked out fabric for a new skirt and I have a tutorial in mind for it. 😉  I have some applique work I did two weeks ago I’d love for you to see, but unfortunately NO pictures of it.  Applique has ALWAYS been hard for me.  I read a few tricks, got some needle oil to make it slide easier and the “lite” version of Steam a Seam.  Oh the lovely difference it made – zero frustration.  But in the meantime I did finish Abigail’s dress.  (And I’m a little horrified to admit out of fabric that I had bought for Sarah’s first birthday.  She turns two in May.  Oh the shame of it all!)

So the project list:  I need, desperately, to make some more diapers and I have the most adorable fabric for wipes.  I might be enlisting Ana’s sewing skills or maybe even teaching Lizzie.  She’s remarkably crafty for being eight.  We taught her to knit (on needles) a couple months ago.  Last week we taught Rebecca to finger knit.  How fun!

To continue on the list – a carrier.  I have the fabric, the tutorial (which I’ll be sharing), and the desperate need.   And I simply MUST finish my Boaz longies from A Time to Dye.  The colorway has been very enjoyable and they are so close to finished!  Only one leg left!  I did manage to get our play stands sanded yesterday and need to apply the oil to be done.   They were pretty marked up from the last couple years of use and needed some touching up.   Oh the list….  But, I’m not getting ANYTHING done here, so off I go.  Hopefully the pressure of this post will motivate.  It’s wrong to use you all to further my project list, but it needs to be done.  Peer pressure – a beautiful thing.