I promise,  I’ve not just been lazy!  I’ve been feeling a bit guilty lately about not posting since (gulp) May.  But I promise I haven’t been lazy.  Something about being in this house makes me feel a bit crafty and as we’ve had school on hold for a bit, I’ve been trying to make myself useful.

So, this will just be a sharing post!

The first attempt at a carrier… I got to learn all about bottom weights, canvas, twill, duck cloth, heavyweight thread, x-box stitching, triple bars, and more.  Hurah.  Well, it might not have been fun research, but wow did I learn a lot about how much effort those great carrier making WAHMama’s put into the carriers!  If you ever wondered if a great carrier from a trusted WAHMama is worth the price tag… Oh. My.  Yes, it is.  They’ve not only created their pattern, poured their effort  into it, chosen fabrics for safety and durability and the ever important cute factor, but truly they’ve invested time into creating their individual carriers.  Ladies, you have my respect.

So the above carrier was inspired by Still Learning Life’s Blog.  Brooke has very generously supplied a GREAT pictorial to teach others how to put together a beautiful mei tai.  And, I’d like to add, she makes beautiful ones herself.  I’d add that while I really want to encourage other mamas to sew and create, if you’re going to be selling mei tais or any other carrier, please respect the WAHMamas who have created their own patterns!  Definitely create something of your own that you can sell with pride!

My second mei tai carrier, my pattern.  This one was a bit of an evolution – added pixie hood, curved body, seat darts…    Eventually I hacked it and turned it into a 1/2 buckle.  Love it now.  It’s very me!

Action Pic:

For a beloved friend – carrier #3.  This was my pattern, but now we shortened the body, extended the width as well.  I added a detachable hood, padded leg areas and it also has seat darts.

Action pic with the ever-loveable Ella Pie

There is a full buckle coming.  It’s for my wonderful DH and his sweetie, Sarah.  She’s SUCH a Daddy’s girl these days and frankly, she loves to go “piggy back” – her term for being in a carrier.  Too cute!

I had posted that I had finally gotten the Boaz colorway from A Time to Dye?  I had time a bit ago to knit up longies for Ella Pie.  I was very happy with her workMOMship.

Again, I want to add these aren’t my pattern.  My knitting, but the Sheepy Pants pattern.

We managed to make a little something for Ella Pie’s birthday as well…

And a backpack from a pattern off of Ravelry.

I promise it has NOT been all work & no play.  We took some time off to enjoy the scenery…

And go fishing!

We’ve been enjoying the farmer’s market…

(Ignore the date… This is what will happen when you let the batteries go dead!)

And the tulips!

And we even had a week of Grandma & Grandpa & a cousin visit!

And now I’m beginning to officially look for ways to procrastinate organizing my school year… Hence the new post on the blog!