I’ve said it before and I’m certain I’ll say it again…  New homeschoolers, old homeschoolers, and every homeschooling mama in between have long sought the treasure of the undying quest:

The Perfect Curriculum.

Oh Perfect Curriculum, R.I.P.

There is NO perfect curriculum.

And here is the secret to happy homeschooling:

There is only that curriculum which will inspire you enough to use it consistently.  And there are topics you won’t like.  And in those subjects, you’ll seek something that is fun, entertaining, or at least not painful.  Grammar is NOT fun ladies and gentleman.  It’s true, it’s just not fun.  But still, it is useful and should be learned.  Math?  Not the same as attending a party with clowns.  And still, it should be done.

Sometimes it just a matter of doing the work.

Many times I’ll see a post on how well a curriculum worked for someone and another poster will come along and say that she tried it for a week or two and it didn’t work for her.    Recently I decided to give Henle a try as I’ve used Latina Christiana & Prima.   Did the other two work?  Yes, they did.  They worked as long as we USED them.  Henle will not work for us if we don’t use it consistently.  At the same time, the others would have worked had we used them consistently.

Try a new curriculum, by all means.  But if you find yourself constantly switching out one book for another in the grand hope that you will hit upon the “perfect” curriculum, do realize it doesn’t exist.  Sometimes the doing just needs done. 😉