So last night there was a homeschool co-op meeting.   They are starting a co-op in town here with a classical bent!  Oh my golly am I excited!  I was thrilled to meet some of the mamas last night and thoroughly amazed at how these moms are moving from having their children in school to homeschooling.

Our story is a little different.  We didn’t actually INTEND to homeschool.  We fell into a bit.  And, even then, we were able to start homeschooling ONE child when she turned five.   I stand a bit in awe of families who jump off the board into the deep end of homeschooling their entire families all at one time.  I also wonder how they survive!

I’m terribly excited about the co-op… To see Christian women and families and children come together to grow the homeschool community while truly maintaining a heart for being near and with their children is amazing to me.   I’ve *heard* people mouth the words of wanting to keep their children close and dear, but last night when a bit of scripture and God was brought into it, I’m a bit ashamed to admit that *I* suggested we do it while they were doing P.E. with the two daddy volunteers!  Me!?!!  Another mama suggested we do this *with* our children.  Oh my.  Of course!  And another mama said essentially she just wanted to do it all with and near her children!  ((Smile.))  I’m not used to meeting other mamas with this attitude and it is so thrilling to me!

Have a blessed day!