Let me preface this:  We buy into the hype!  We get all fuzzy and warm and tickled by the idea of curriculum that will solve “that” problem for us, whatever that might be.  And there’s nothing better than one more Bible curriculum, what say ye one, what say ye all?  Here! Here!

And after all, it’s BIBLE so we can TOTALLY justify yet one more purchase of yet one more book, right?

And this would be true… IF:

IF it would inspire us to spend more time reading God’s Word.
IF it WERE God’s word.
IF we didn’t use it as a replacement for time spent reading God’s word.
IF it didn’t end up STEALING time spent reading God’s word.

Dunno about you, but my time tends to get cut short.  And so what happens is we spend time on a great Bible curriculum and might never quite make it to actually digging into the actual Bible.

Uh Oh.  Are there any alarm bells ringing truth right now?  If so, then know I sympathize.

Recently a sweet mama asked for opinions on Bible curriculum on a forum.  I’m actually not anti-Bible curriculum.  I’m not!   I’m just the voice crying, “Don’t let yourself get distracted from what counts!”  Love ya!

The Post:

I’m just going to toss this out there… :thumbsup:  And it is meant to ENCOURAGE not to discourage.

Use a curriculum.  Use any curriculum.  Use no curriculum.

*BUT* make sure your children are seeing you open up your Bible and read the word of the Almighty GOD to them.

Because there is not ONE curriculum out there more effective than that.

And, as a fellow Christian, I LOVE to be sidetracked and distracted by one more bible study, one more good “Christian” book, one more lovely Christian author.  There isn’t anything bad about any of them… Well, unless of course the time you put into them takes away from time spent in the Word.

So, the catch 22 here is this:
If you will not DETRACT from your study of the Bible, then please, find and use whatever curriculum you’d like.
But, when all is said and done, if it’s not DRIVING you to your Bible and your children aren’t seeing you pick up your Bible & read to them from your actual Bible, toss it, sell it, give it away, or burn it. 🙂

At the end of the day a book is just a book.  The Bible is the Living Word of Our Lord.  You can never go wrong by picking up the Bible, opening it at random, and reading aloud to your children.  Period.