LOL!  So I was perusing a blog this morning and I ran across this post…  Forcing me to read it, the title was nothing short of an attention grabber.  So I read it.  Can’t say I was particularly happy about it.  First I never have PMS… This comes from having nine babies in 14 years and nursing all of them.  Alas, the post was about being sober.  Sigh.  I try to read quickly over that part of Titus.  I have an awful time with it.  I’m not any more thrilled with that particular verse now that I know what it means.

The Bible and PMS

I must give the author credit.  Guts?  She’s got ’em.  My oldest beloved blessing was reading along with me and she giggled.  I knew what she was reading.  I looked that young lady right in the eye and said, “I REFUSE to ask your Daddy what habits I should be working on.”

Sigh.  We all know I will later.  If he’s quick on his feet, he’ll know it’s dangerous ground and change the subject.  Sadly he’s been working a lot lately… He might just give me an answer.  Oh dear.