An interesting discussion and link was posted at the WoodShed this week that has stolen a bit of time from my mind.

Why One Mother Walked Away from Motherhood

Honestly? It made me feel angry, but more than just that, it was frustrating. First the end of the fathers… Now the mothers?! Who will ever think of the children? It feels like we’re banging our head against a brick wall in this society. Just because the children can keep up appearances does NOT mean they are okay. And my response to it was just bitter frustration. However, there were apparently some compassionate mothers on the board who could see the sadness in her. I admit I think I missed it. Anger and/or frustration can make us miss some of the not so apparent nuances of life. Interesting, isn’t it?

Another mama, Samantha, wrote this:
“This woman was so desperate to fill the hole in her heart that she *left her children*, and really, there is not any way she can be happy that way, b/c only Christ is going to bring her real true lasting happiness.”

Hm. That made me really stop my gut reaction and think about it. Anger works NOT the righteousness of God.

My thoughts:

“This made me think. You know, I was a little shocked to find she had been married for twenty years. They waited a very long time for children.

My guess is that she chases “happiness” thinking the very next thing will fill her up. Got married, spent years building a career, hoped finally children were the missing link perhaps? Had two. Found out they weren’t “filling her up”, opportunity entered her life. Thinking THIS would be the happiness she’d been chasing, she turns directions. Heads off in another direction, to leave her husband and her children to chase it down. Years later, begins to write THIS book, assuredly THIS will be the happiness she’s given up so much sacrifice for.

In a way… In a way, and I don’t mean it cruelly, but in a way, I hope she wins this award. If she doesn’t win it, she’ll assume all she needs to feel fulfilled is to write ANOTHER book and WIN. If she wins it and it is nothing but emptiness and vain glory, she will have epitomized her career and found out it was all for naught.

You’re right. When we follow something other than Christ, when we chase after something other than Christ, it is empty.

It is this way for career women, for mothers, for quiverfull mothers, for homeschooling mothers… Anytime we’re trying to fill ourselves up with THINGS, or REWARDS, or VISION, but it isn’t Christ, there will be that deadness, that pointlessness of life that always feels empty.”

And it clicked. Truly, this resonated with me. I understand, I think, WHY this mother made this decision.

And so what makes that blog worthy? Let’s face it, lol, I don’t blog often. But there is a lesson to be learned! Oh, yes, even for those of us who are committed mothers, or occasionally mothers who should be committed. 😉 Those of us who think we’d never abandon our children, or our families, or our responsibilities. But there are far more of us who hide from unhappiness… Seeking out one thing or another to distract us from our shortcomings. Admit it. There are those of us who feel we can hide from a cup only half filled… Filling it with froth and nothingness (hobbies, computers, time outside of the home, the telephone, a new class, etc. ) rather than the Living Water. If you are always running on empty, it’s because you truly aren’t filling the tank. And the tank isn’t filled by filling/serving OURSELVES. It is only filled by Christ.

Thank you Samantha for the reminder. I needed that. There, but by the grace of God, goes I. And woe to those of us who truly believe it cannot happen to us if we do not prayerfully stand guard to our motherhood and marriages. We must be vigilant to watch over ourselves and our families.