An update!

Olivia Serene joined our family at the end of June! She is sweet, beautiful, and healthy. I do believe she is the sweetest tempered baby we’ve ever had!

Had a thought this morning…. I’m rereading a few of my favorite homeschooling books in the hopes I’ll find my perfect game plan….

The thought?

I am worried about many things but only one is needful. Should I do all that I can to introduce my children to this man, Jesus, my life and purpose will have been well sever. For if I success in that ONE thing, I can consider motherhood a success. If I should succeed in MANY things but fail to teach them about Him every single day with love and devotion I will have failed. It will not matter, ultimately, how well they read Latin or if they’ve read the “Great Books.” None of it will matter one bit.

Be mindful mothers. Be anxious for nothing. Only one thing is needful. Cast your eyes on Him daily and walk forward.