We are blessed.


We’re HOME again.   While we loved our time in Oregon and adored the people we met, we are so grateful to be back in the Midwest.



It’s something created, by God, maintained, imperfectly, by people, to nurture and love and correct and grow people.    It isn’t just to grow and nurture tiny people… it’s meant to care for adults and seniors as well.   It is a long term commitment – the longest  you’ll ever make, from birth until death.

Relationships take an incredible amount of work, devotion, and effort.  I suspect distance has allowed me to view family relationships from a distance without as much effort and it has been good for me.   I’m grateful for the people in my life from whom I’ve learned.  Life is such a learning process.  I’m becoming very aware of how much I still have to learn.


Keep sanctifying me Lord.