It has been a long while since I posted. Once in 2012?  Really?  Once since 2013?  Wow.  Time has been flying by.  We added Catherine Margaret in 2013 and William in 2014.  Our oldest, Ana, graduated in 2014 and will be a senior at the university this fall, planning on her undergrad in Psychology and Masters in Educational Psychology.  Crazy how time just marches on….

A recent picture:


I have felt incredibly compelled over the past few months to begin writing again.  I’ve seen, in the last year, how young homeschooling mothers are coming forward and ministering to the homeschooling community as a whole and I applaud them.  The question has been asked on forums though…. Why?  Why are young homeschooling moms coming forward to teach the young mothers?  Where are the older women?  Why aren’t they teaching?

This thought dwells in my mind.  Perhaps it’s because the older mothers know how life has humbled them and are hesitant to offer teaching and advice?  Perhaps they know that young mothers have to find their own way, sort through their own crazy mess, walk their own journey.  I’ve always said I’d rather have close friends who can see my shortcomings than admirers I keep at a distance so they can’t see my failings.

So, when asked, what one tidbit would I want to gift young homeschooling mamas with?

Homeschooling is a lifestyle.

Exactly that.  Homeschooling is a LIFESTYLE.  It’s been said it is not school at home, and it most certainly isn’t.  I couldn’t emulate school at home if I WANTED to, but more importantly, I don’t WANT to.  I’ve been blessed to be the mother of my little tribe, the mother, not the teacher.  The public school system is a false world.  The family was / is the masterpiece of God Himself, created by Him, one man, one woman, together as one, gifted with a human child with souls.   They are created in His image.  The Christ child was part of a family.

Mother!  Don’t foresake the family for some poorer substitute.  If you are so very gifted as to be able to homeschool, EMBRACE that gift.  My littlest children will never remember the little school desk we had for Ana.  They will never remember an 8:00 AM start time, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and oodles of busywork.  They won’t because I’ve abandoned it for something better, something genuine.  I still wholeheartedly embrace a rigorous learning environment!  I just do it better than the way I was educated, teaching, learning, reading, sharing, throughout hours spent together in our home.  We homeschool, not between the hours of 8:00 and 3:00, but as a lifestyle.