If there was one thing I could share with people, it is the necessity to remediate dyslexia.

Dyslexia is an inherited brain type.  This means, most of the time, either mom or dad has been coping and overcoming dyslexia themselves.  Often a parent will say, once they realize they had dyslexia themselves, “I struggled.  I overcame.”  It is true that dyslexics are AMAZING when it comes to compensation.  Their ability to compensate often creates a hard worker, a bright individual who can think outside the box.

That said, why would you send your child out into the world with handcuffs?

Dyslexia remediation lets your child succeed with their amazing brain while giving them the tools they need to truly succeed!

There is much research being done on the concept of neuroplasticity.  The idea that the brain is moldable gives light to the belief that, if remediated, the brain can be trained to read more efficiently and more automatically.  One of the most necessary skills a child will learn in this life is the ability to read.  To be able to read AND comprehend efficiently is a gift.  We owe it to our children to equip them with this ability.  Science has proven that the younger a child is when remediated, the more likely the brain is to adapt.

If you are sitting and wondering (for the 1000th time) if your child has a learning disability and if your child could have dyslexia, can I beg you to get assessed?

There is a huge breath of relief that comes from knowing the hurdle you face.  And once you know your battle, you can stand and face it.  The more you know, the more equipped you are for this battle.  And a battle it is indeed!  However, your child’s dyslexic brain makes them unique, gifted, amazing.  I believe the dyslexic brain is a creation of God, intentional, purposeful, and a gift.  It comes with a challenge – learning to decode, comprehend, and encode the written language.  However, once equipped with the tools to face the challenge, you will find your child winning this battle!