It is an amazing thing, watching your child mother.


This is our daughter Olivia holding our new grandson – aunt and nephew.
I am loving this new stage of my life, watching my adult daughter be a mama, love on our grandson, and dream of future grandchildren.

It makes me think of my own grandmother often.  She played an important part in my life.  She was Chief Encourager.  While grandparents must, by necessity, sometimes be the disciplinarian, their greatest gift to their grandchildren is that of encouragement.  Mommies and daddies are very busy doing day to day things.  Grandparents can focus on smiling at them, loving them, praying for them, enjoying them.

I’ve often said that everyone needs someone to be their biggest fan.  My grandmother was that for me as my own father is the encourager for one of our own boys. That young man blossoms under his care and instruction.  Truly, generations participating in the care, love, and instruction of a child is becoming a rare thing.  Our generation can do so much to impact the babies being born to our own children.  Never neglect that duty.