Do you remember that June 2009 post?  Meh. Probably not.  But it was the year I left behind all of my former best laid plans and moved to file boxes and folders to organize the children.  (Of which there are now 10.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.) 😉

Well, recently on The Well Trained Mind forums, I came across someone’s post outlining how she plans.  She mentioned she puts together spiral bound books of their work.  Genius!

Please, imagine for me if you will, a Monday where no mother has to hunt for workbooks, search for papers, frantically make photocopies, and then get everyone seated around the table (again) because Mama had to run off and do these things so they scattered to the far reaches of the house.   That’s right!  Plop down on one book and you are ready for Table Time.  Table Time is when the entire family (current baby included) sits at the table and works quietly.  It’s something to aim for, train for, achieve.  It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile!

Without further ado, this is what I had yesterday morning:

Before photo planning_zpsb97641db.jpg

It was as simple as:

1. Make a resource list. List every subject you do and every resource you use for that subject.
2. From that list, make a list of everything that gets copied or comes in a workbook form.
3. This is now your list of what to include.
4. Now, pull out anything that needs photocopied and make detailed notes on a Post It. This should include how many copies, who it is for, and whether they are single or double sided. (Divide single side and double side into two piles.)
5. Design a cover page and dividers.
6. Are there additional resources you want pulled in?
Ideas might be: IEW checklists, math tables or charts, a reading log, assignment sheets, etc. We have a chart in there for All About Reading for consistency in the little kids’ books.

You’ll then have this:

 photo pile_zps6f293f5c.jpg

– Head off to the printer’s.
7. Decide the order in which they go.
8. Make copies.
9. Divide them up and put them together.
10. Drill and add spiral.

Finally!  You’ll end up with this:

 photo binders2_zps4f26003f.jpg

So far I have been asked the following questions and I’ll include them here for convenience sake.

Q. Is it all mixed up or in subject order? How do you find the exact page you want?

A. They are divided by simple pages that just have WEEK 1, WEEK 2, etc on them. I’m going to add labeled tabs so we can “quick turn” to each.

I didn’t go in daily work because there are days we don’t get everything done and then I get snippy and perfectionistic. I’m not setting myself up for that. So they are divided by weeks and by subjects for the little folk – 5yo, 6yo, and 8yo.

For the 9yo and the 11yo I am dividing by weeks, but dividing the subjects up into daily chunks within the weeks. I wanted to do it this way with the littles but I had been at the printer for HOURS at that point and wanted to be done. Now I can’t decide which I’d prefer for them but I know I want it like this for the girls mostly because they are more independent and can work through a day’s worth of work with minimal guidance from me. “Do the next thing” philosophy is kicking in on those workbook-y things that they can do themselves.


Love it!

Did you include your math and CLE sheets in there?

A.  Yes on the CLE sheets but no on the math.  When I make the switch to Math Mammoth (when it goes on sale next month at HBC) I will include them as well.  I wouldn’t recommend the CLE though – it did NOT play nicely!  The sheets are thin and not quite the right size so it took some effort to get them lined up.


Where did you get this idea? It looks fantastic!


The idea was in a planning thread from a few years ago where I caught that someone else had just put everything into one big book.


Those came out great!

One thing I also do is have my dd sign her book so I have a record of her signature.

My comment: Great idea!


Can I ask how you ordered the sheets?  By day’s worth of subjects, or by chunks of subjects?


I went to the UPS store yesterday thinking it would take an hour.  It took four.  So, by the end, I just grouped it by subject per week in the books for my littles – they are 5yo, 6yo, and 8yo.  So, for example there is a big blank sheet that says:  WEEK 1, followed by the WWE sheets (redone in StartWrite to have italics copywork), then all my CLE sheets, SOTW activity sheets, ETC, BibleScribe, Christian Kids Biology, etc in chunks.  I don’t like it and I’ll change it, but frankly I was exhausted.

I can still change it though – the spirals come out easy peasy so if I get motivated today while I do NOTHING but sit, lol, I can organize it better.

However, I have my 9yo and 11yo still to bind and that’s going in DAILY order, still divided by the weekly separation sheets.  They have the addition of weekly assignment checklists and a planner area that they record exactly WHAT they did that day.  It’s my goal of training them towards good record keeping.  My oldest DD tracks everything in Homeschool Tracker (she’s my Type A girl) and it’s just so much easier to have them be accountable for this.


Very nice! I am interested in more details too!  Did you take it somewhere to have it done or did you do it all on your own at home?


I did some of it at home.  I burned a CD of my downloads and went through them and found out what pages I wanted printed of each.

Some things, like Christian Kids Bio and SOTW, I needed everything printed of Units/Chapters 1-8 for Liz and for Rebecca, but I needed 4 extra copies of coloring pages for Tim, Abbie, Sarah, and Ella.  My post it notes made it SO much easier when I got to the copier.  Make notes of things like single sided and double sided and separate things that are both.  For example, in WWE 4, you have some pages that are double sided.  Those should be pre-pulled and marked double sided.  It’s a LOT easier to do before you get there. I took over one table and one copier.  You might call around and find out if anywhere in your area gives an education discount and ask for homeschoolers.  A very kind homeschooling mama told me about our local UPS store (one does honor homeschoolers and one does not) that does single side copies for three and half cents.  I was thrilled.   The girl behind the counter did my binding.  *But* apparently you can “drill” the holes all for free and the spirals are re-useable and cheap.  So, don’t let that be inhibitive.

Comment and Q.

The two threads I’ve seen about this are:



This would also work well with the infamous Filing System — I’m thinking of printing and filing by subject, and then making 2-6 weeks worth of booklets at a time, incase things don’t go according to schedule.

My Response:

I think my blog was one of the first to switch from WorkBoxes to Filing.


That was 2009.  It still gets a fair amount of hits, lol.  Maybe I should update? ;)

If you look at the first picture in this post, you’ll see I still have a couple of the file boxes, lol!

I was proud of myself for getting on this early, but apparently I always have.  That was June 30th. :D

Here’s my problem with the filing system – it’s too much for me.  It became too much bulk, too many folders, too much loose paper.  Now, granted, if you have 1-3 children, it might still work, ESPECIALLY if you want to file everything – three hole punch it and put it in binders a la TWTM book.   For me, a lot of those cute file boxes got used as step stools.  FYI, they don’t hold up great this way.  So, last year, in an effort to revamp, I went down to TWO file boxes with color coded quarterly folders and labeled them Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc.  It was okay.  It was nothing spectacular.  I still had a lot of loose paper.

So, something that’s relevant here:  I’m a clutter-phobe.  I have a serious issue with clutter.  This is really bad as a mom of ten kids, btw.  I think it makes me twitch to see “stuff” all over the place.  Not at other people’s houses, mind you.  I actually LIKE knick-knacks and pretty things at OTHER people’s houses.  Just not at mine.  I literally just packed away about 50% of the books I own so I don’t have to look at them this school year.  I’m thinking it wasn’t enough.  I have some nekkid bookshelves right now and I’m loving it.   It’s an illness, lol.  These books?  They’re my happy pill.

Okay, so if you’ve heard any of this and I’ve been running across more and more blogs on the Anti-Patriarchal movement from former quiverfull and pro-Dad / anti-feminist families/wives then you might know there is a pretty servere backlash against quiverfull families going on.

It’s been pegged as the Anti-Patriarchal movement.  This morning on the RGT forum, someone offered up this link.

Mary Pride’s book has been targeted as one of the “initial” books in the patriarchal/quiverfull movement and it’s been a very long while since I’ve read it, way back in 2001.

However, her rebuttal is worth reading.  I thought it  well written and on topic.  It made me think.  Perhaps your little girls are a long way off from teen years yet, but let me tell you, about 14/15 you start to hit a panic mode.  TRULY panic mode.

Essentially it goes something like this:
I want her to be well prepared.  I want her to be well educated.  For what?  Oh dear.  I don’t know.  For anything?  If I push her out into the wide world of Academia are we going to lose her heart to the feminism/liberalism that exists and is crammed down student throats at even Christian colleges?  Do I want her to stay home & be married & have babies?  Really?  What if she never does get married?  Is she then still serving God or is she just serving her family and not using any of her gifts?  WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN AND HOW DOES IT EQUATE TO MY FAMILY?????

I wasn’t terrified 2-3 years ago.  Aware, yes.  Thoughtful, yes.

But, now, with three years left of my “prep” work, terrified might just be the better word.  Then I look down the line.  Okay, one son – that’s easy.   Whatever he does, he’ll have to support himself or a family.  And so he is prepared through work, service, and education.  Then Elizabeth.  Then Rebecca.  Then there’s Tim.  Phew!  Same thing, one standard. Then Abigail, Sarah, Daniella, and Baby Dassah.  Wait.  ((Did I say that?!?  Right, like I’m going to get that name, lol.  – Sorry, got sidetracked.))

It is possible I’ve overthought it.  I mean after all, all I REALLY need to do is pray, love God, and obey and serve.  Preparing my daughter academically does NOT mean turning her into a raging liberal feminist.  Gasp.  As a matter of fact, it turns out that intelligent, beautiful, well spoken, academic minded young women CAN exist to the glory of God.  And it doesn’t mean she must ever be career minded.  Moses REALLY didn’t need a plan for getting the Israelites free of the Egyptians.  He didn’t.  He just needed to love God with his whole heart, be willing to serve, and obey what God told him.  He could not have foreseen the parting of the Red Sea or anything that God did for them so that they could be free and begin the tremendous plan God had for them.  As a matter of fact, without prayer, love, and obedience to God, he would have mucked it all up.

Eight girls to raise up to the glory of God.  Eight.  Some days I truly want to ask God, “What were you thinking?!”  I’m a long shot from Suzy Homemaker, not even the greatest helpmeet even if I’m awfully attached to the husband He gave me. 😉

Ana is in her freshman year of high school.  So what are we preparing her FOR?

My mom asked me a month ago, “So what does Ana want to do?”  I smiled and said, “Well, she’d like to eventually get married, have babies, and homeschool them with the curriculum she’s working on.”

My mother, bless her, seemed to freeze for just a moment.  I think she wondered if I was serious or making a joke.

She and I grew up in different scenarios, made life choices that have colored our perspectives and have set us on different life paths. We have a shared respect for each other’s choices and, I think, most certainly a respect for who the other is as a woman. I love her dearly and I know she loves me.

Ana’s back up plan is studying law.  That is what she calls it too, lol.  Her back up plan.  She doesn’t want to be a lawyer.  She wants to study constitutional law and write papers in defense of those things she feels passionately about  – homeschooling being first and foremost.

An interesting job choice really.    Is there even such a career?

But I do go back to what MY obligation is to my daughter through all of this.

I, as her mother and as God’s daughter, must love Him, I must obey Him, I must be willing to serve.  I must prepare her for life as best as I can in according to the gifts He gave her.  And then, some day, I’ll stand by and watch prayerfully, as He parts the waters and makes the path more clear.

It wasn’t really planned, but apparently I took a bit of a break from blogging. 😉

Things have been just a wee bit wild around here lately.  We’ve been blessed by joining a local co-op and that has taken our Wednesdays.   It seems that we have steadfastly avoided that steady rhythmic pattern fall schooltime eventually hits.  Sigh.  But we simply could not force ourselves into a real schedule, but I promise I have a decent excuse… If you’ve ever lived in the Pacific Northwest, then you know – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GOOD WEATHER!  And Fall here in Oregon this year?  GASP!  Beautiful!  Crisp, lovely, and best of all – sunny.

It’s been raining for a week now and we’re only preparing to start week FOUR of school.  Nope, not kidding.  And I’m not remorseful.

But, I’ve had my hands full with a couple of other projects.

This is an incredibly poor picture of the carrier, but after adoring our spring market carrier, I was feeling a little itchy.  That lovely half buckle made it’s way to a new mama and I was feeling a little orangey. 🙂

Do notice La La’s pants please in the second photo.   🙂  Possibly my most favorite upcycle EVA’, they were a wool scarf from Goodwill.  The most gorgeous, stripiest, most delightful pants in the world with a little icord at the waist.  I’m seriously thinking about looking for another on Ebay as I’d bedeck myself in those stripes! 😛  Ooh!  I do need to add – the appliqued straps were a breeze!  After years of considering applique torture, I ran across a blog some months back that suggested two things – Steam a  Seam Lite and Sewer’s Aid needle oil.  I’m so grateful!

Other than that I’ve been just a wee bit lazy if truth were told.

Let’s see… What have we made this season?  A carrier, a couple somethings for a sweet friend I’m finishing up today, wool pants, a pair of woolly leggings…  I know I’m forgetting something.  OH YES!  Now I remember!  A new baby! 😉

Our tenth beloved addition should be joining us sometime this next year about mid-summer if we’re any judge at all.  Considering the chaos of the previous pregnancy, prayers are deeply coveted.  I’m not terribly excited to have to go searching for a new obstetrician when I have one I love back home, but these things are relatively minor considering I’m being blessed with a whole new human being.  Praise God!

~Have a wonderful day!~

Recently we were driving down the road when we saw a zippy little car next to us.  It was a car for a housecleaning service and it had the motto printed all over the car…  “Because you have better things to do.”

Really this post is the culmination of a lot of irritants and realizations in my life.  Because we have better things to do with our time… Hmmm…

We, as a people, have so much STUFF.  We have stuff so we buy stuff to organize our stuff.  We “outgrow” our homes because we have more stuff than we have space.  Listen to me now:  Stuff, all stuff, takes maintenance.  That isn’t necessarily bad.  Some stuff is WORTH maintaining.  And I don’t mean cost effective.  I mean that it has value (remarkably different than cost) in our lives to such a point that it is worth the time & effort to maintain it.  If it has no value or worth to your daily life WHY ARE YOU WASTING TIME & ENERGY MAINTAINING IT?


Let me provide you with a few examples.  If you have more than one set of sheets for each bed, or if you are insane, like most of my immediate family and require 3-5 sets of sheets per bed, this is crazy.  Take them off, wash them, put them on.  This whole maintenance thing of take off the sheets, go through the laundry closet, get out the new set, do the laundry, fold up the other set, organize them in the closet is NUTS!  Wash ’em, put them back on the bed.

We have recently had the remarkable experience of moving from a glorified 2 bedroom home to a much larger home.  The old farmhouse we were in had one bathroom, one bathtub, one toilet, and two upstairs bedrooms.  Okay, one bedroom upstairs and a moderately sized, square hall a.k.a the boys’ room.  We had a little office off the living room for our room.  When I say little I mean little… We had a bed, an upright dresser, and enough room to walk around the end of the bed if we walked sideways.   Frankly, I thought it was cozy.  Honestly?  I really liked it.  Because the bedrooms were small we weren’t tempted to “store” things in them i.e., use them as storage facilities to maintain things of no value.  There was only one bathroom.  Sure, that meant sometimes you waited in line.  It also meant there was ONE bathroom to clean.  We are currently renting a home that has three bathrooms.  I would NOT have been so excited if someone had explained to me I was going to need to clean all three of them.

I am *not* complaining.  I like this house.  Maybe not the house exactly, but certainly the acreage and the space and the trees.  I love the neighbors and the community.  But, I’m telling you folks, we have not set up our LIVES to accomplish our goals.

The old farmhouse was built quite a while ago.  It had a very small living room and a huge eat in kitchen.  It was a “cooking” kitchen – meant to prepare meals in with everyone lending a hand.   This current, modern kitchen is cute.  It’s definitely large and bright and I like that.   But it’s certainly set up more for entertaining with separate areas off of the kitchen.   It’s not meant for family togetherness.  There is so much space that everyone spreads out, goes their own way.

We re-evaluated a couple of things this weekend, rearranged some areas.  Our television has made its’ way up to our bedroom.  And as I rearranged the family room I realized we had set up the entire room to focus around the television.  For a family that insisted we continuously TRY to cut down “screen” time, we had certainly set ourselves up for failure.  What do you want to do?  Oh, I don’t know…  And the television beckons from EVERY angle of the room.  Interesting.

Time.  None of us ever has enough, do we?  We spend time maintaining things that have no value.  It could be actual things… It could be doing laundry when we could simply cut down on our clothes.  It amazes me how I complain about not having enough time, but yet I don’t want to do anything difficult or uncomfortable like give up internet or things of that nature.

Earlier this week a friend sent me a letter.  I didn’t find the TIME to write her back.
Last month Abigail took a scissors to my comforter.  I couldn’t find the TIME to repair it.
Elizabeth has given me two shirts and a skirt to repair – I hadn’t found the TIME to sew them.
The garden has run to weeds…  I haven’t made the TIME to keep it up.

Look at those four things.  They’re relatively important.  And yet they’ve shifted down my list of priorities below “entertainment” certainly as blogging, Facebook, and screen time has misplaced them.   I can’t say I spend a crazy amount of time on the internet, but certainly more than absolutely necessary.

Recently I gave up the internet for a short while.  We had it put on vacation… It was a bet with my sister, I lost.  During that period, I became acutely aware how dependent I am on immediate gratification.  And how impatient it makes me.

Letter writing?  No time – send an email.   Can’t keep a garden – not enough time?  Pick up veggies at the market.  Stitching a shirt?  Bah, she has more in the closet.    Ripped comforter?  No time!

Tonight I sat and stitched the two shirts, the skirt, and the comforter by hand.  It took a good deal of time, about two hours.   For two hours I was still, moved slowly, was quiet, and just concentrated on my task at hand.  There was much peace and a good deal of satisfaction to be gained from that.  The same is true with a letter written to a friend or a loved one, vegetables grown by your own hand, a new skirt given to a daughter, or something gifted made by hand.   These things take time.  They develop patience, sweetness, perseverance.

How we complain that the world moves too quickly, that there are not enough hours in the day, that children grow up too quickly….  And yet we constantly set ourselves up for failure.  *WE* are the ones tearing down our own homes, brick by brick, rather than building them up.

I humbly pray that we not live our lives in THEORY, sitting idly by the internet as real life takes place around us, without us truly PRESENT.

Go.  Be PRESENT.   Interact.  Do not numb yourselves with a screen or a book today.  Do hard things.  Do things that take TIME.  Be still.   And be grateful.

I’ve said it before and I’m certain I’ll say it again…  New homeschoolers, old homeschoolers, and every homeschooling mama in between have long sought the treasure of the undying quest:

The Perfect Curriculum.

Oh Perfect Curriculum, R.I.P.

There is NO perfect curriculum.

And here is the secret to happy homeschooling:

There is only that curriculum which will inspire you enough to use it consistently.  And there are topics you won’t like.  And in those subjects, you’ll seek something that is fun, entertaining, or at least not painful.  Grammar is NOT fun ladies and gentleman.  It’s true, it’s just not fun.  But still, it is useful and should be learned.  Math?  Not the same as attending a party with clowns.  And still, it should be done.

Sometimes it just a matter of doing the work.

Many times I’ll see a post on how well a curriculum worked for someone and another poster will come along and say that she tried it for a week or two and it didn’t work for her.    Recently I decided to give Henle a try as I’ve used Latina Christiana & Prima.   Did the other two work?  Yes, they did.  They worked as long as we USED them.  Henle will not work for us if we don’t use it consistently.  At the same time, the others would have worked had we used them consistently.

Try a new curriculum, by all means.  But if you find yourself constantly switching out one book for another in the grand hope that you will hit upon the “perfect” curriculum, do realize it doesn’t exist.  Sometimes the doing just needs done. 😉

I had to laugh when I approved Vicki’s comment this morning.   Looking forward to a homeschooling post… Yipes!  The pressure!  Oh Vicki, I feel like a kid who just got their hand caught in the cookie jar.

It is incredibly tempting to look through my pictures of past homeschooling projects, post a few, and say, “Wheee!  Look what we’re doing.”  But, alas,  I’m not very good at faking it.

I did the most insane thing.  Ever.   It makes no sense, really it doesn’t.  Temporary insanity?  Maybe.

I sold my TOG.   (GASP!)

I did, really.

So last night we had this wonderful little get together.  I think I’ve mentioned we picked up our entire household, eight kids, and moved across the country to Oregon for what will essentially be an extended vacation in the great Pacific Northwest?  Um, yes, did that… February.   And I have to say I’m glad we did,  it’s been a beautiful experience & Oregon people are easy to love.

That said, it’s taking effort.  We have NO friends here, no family, no extended family.  We are an island unto ourselves.  So we need to make effort to make friends, establish support.  I’m back to going to storytime, venturing out in public, things of this nature.  When you live in a small Iowa town, and you’re related to most of said town, you don’t really make a lot of effort to get to know people…  You already know them.  It’s effortless.
Last night we were  invited to a sweet mama’s house along with two other couples.  Wow! Eight adults outnumbered by twenty children and I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever met such agreeable adults… I usually get along with the kids 🙂 but even the grown-ups were great!

All of that to say we had those “get to know you” conversations and inevitably the question comes up, “What do you use?”  And I humbly admit I’m floundering.  And then I go one further to say, “We *USED* Tapestry of Grace.”  (Notice the past tense.) And honestly?  I felt like banging my head against the cupboard and screaming, “And I don’t know WHAT I was thinking getting rid of it.”

Okay.  That’s not entirely fair, nor is it entirely true.  I know what I was thinking.

My sorry little self was discontent.  I had gotten out of the very good habit of making lesson plans from Tapestry.  And my fence sitting self decided that “open & go” was acceptable.  BTW, I do not recommend an “open & go” method to Tapestry. 😛  So, I’d flip through deciding, on the day we were doing, what we’d do that day.

Now, I’ve heard many compare Tapestry to a banquet.  It’s all laid out on the table for you.  You leisurely stroll through the meal, choosing what you like and tossing it on your plate.  It’s a great comparison!  Here’s the problem… When you decide to open & go, you’re choosing to flip through all your options that day.  And you haven’t prepped yourself with the talk.  *THE* talk goes something like this, “Kelly, we don’t have to do EVERYTHING.  We can pick & choose to do a few things & this does not make you a bad homeschooling mom.”   So how do I liken my situation?  I’m the woman who goes to the banquet and fills up her plate to the brim and then stands, plate full, looking at the rest of the food.  “Hmmm…. Wish I could have chocolate cake.  I really like cake……  Wish I could have some brownies.  We used to have time for brownies.  (Insert pathetic sigh.)  Wow.  Broccoli.  Broccoli is SO good for you.  We haven’t had broccoli in a long time.”

So, with the “open and go” method, I was breezing past all of these incredible projects and great ideas and every day I was looking at what I WASN’T doing.

The SANE course of action here would have been to start making lesson plans.  It would have made good sense.

I’m not really a good one for sense.  I tend to be a little more “fun.”  This is code for: fly by the seat of my pants.  I’m not sure exactly why I abuse myself in this way, but I suspect I like the “challenge.”  It’s the same reason people run with bulls & call it fun.

So, I spent the last seven days making Excel spreadsheets.  Truth be told, I so enjoy making spreadsheets.  The fine lines, the bold lines, the color coding by child… It excites me just thinking about it.  It’s another one of those “theory vs. practice” exercises.  Love the theory,  but the practice?  Eh, not so much.

Had the genius plan of enrolling oldest daughter in Mother of Divine Grace this year.   I looked at their literature program and found it to be strong.  This translates to: I looked at their literature program and was fairly certain I could talk oldest DD into the program.  No such luck.

Everything that I am, my daughter is NOT.  She is incredibly self controlled, amazingly organized, and very purposeful.  Needless to say I admire her very much.  She’s got some of her Daddy in her, great kid, that one.  She has laid out a literature program for herself.  She’s pulled suggestions from Tapestry, Ambleside, Sonlight.  She’s matched up the literature selections with the history selections based on time periods.  She intends on doing outlines, writing assignments, and written narrations along with her reading selections & she has begged to me to allow her to plan this on her own.  I saw her plans.  They’re better than mine.  I’m a little jealous.  I’m a little relieved to see she’s going to walk away from the all out, everything in, obsessive study of Rome.   That pretty much overtook her summer and I’m not losing this child a year early to foreign exchange.

So, I understand your enthusiasm towards another homeschooling post.  I’m looking forward to having something purposeful to say too!  I’m just not sure where I’m going with it yet.  She gave me a literature based study for combining the 1st & 3rd grader yesterday… We’re going over it today and once I add in some bits & pieces, it should work.

I honestly believe that I’ll give this six months and be back into Tapestry.  But, truth be told?  I can’t hardly look at the amount of work she’s poured into designing her own curriculum and say, “Hey, let’s go with this one.”  She deserves the opportunity to do this.  I actually think I’m going to get her Laura Berquist’s book, “Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum” and let her go wild.


This thought has been on my mind for a long while and I haven’t yet put it to any good use.

We talk about tithing, we talk about treasure, we talk about money, storing, investing, saving, spending….  It seems to me that money takes up a good portion of our energy.  And not that is not needfully so sometimes.

But, there are those of us who believe that money is not our only treasure.  I believe this is especially true of Christian mothers.  If treasure is defined as something of great value, great worth, that isn’t easily come by, then I know of a treasure more precious than money in our household.  Money might be hard to come by, difficult to budget, and quickly gone, but I can think of one thing of greater value, more difficult to come by, incredibly hard to budget, and even more quickly gone than money.


Oh, Christian mothers.  Could I beg that we tithe our time?  Or more importantly, let’s look at Matthew 6:21.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

So I want you to evaluate – how do you spend your time?  Because how you spend your time will tell you where your heart TRULY lies.

Homeschooling mothers, do you spend over 95% of your schooling on academics and give a mere 5% to teaching your children about God?  Christian wives, are you spending your precious time on things that do not support your God given role of wife and mother?

How we spend our time is one of our best reflections of our hearts.   If truly we love and honor God should we not give Him the first fruits?  The best of the best?  Shouldn’t He get our best and not what is left over?  Should we not devote our “riches” to furthering His good, His will, His intentions?

Today, the Lord has granted you twenty four hours.

How will you “spend” it?  How will you honor Him with it?  Will you use your time in a grateful and obedient manner, fulfilling your God given purposes through Him and for Him?   Will you tithe your 10%?  Will you go even further with a joyous and obedient heart?

Just a quick little post… Ana has decided to pick my literature for the little ones for this year.  Her first choice for this week is Bats in the Library.  This selection is absolutely adorable and I think you’ll enjoy it.  An obvious supplement to this book would be Stellaluna along with any non-fiction choice from the Young Readers selection at the library on bats.

We’ve also found this link for crafts to go along with the book:

Bats in the Library Kit

Generic Bat Crafts from DLTK

Bat Coloring Pages

And obviously explaining what a mammal is would be good as bats are unlikely mammals…. The kids had a hard time picturing bats nursing their young, lol.


Okay, not a REAL vacation, but a vacation nonetheless.

We’re taking a mini-break from the internet and from the television.  We are shutting it all down for two weeks through our vacation option at the telephone company so I’m not tempted to cheat and hook everything back up in between.

So our beloved supervising teacher was nice enough to give us all a gift – The Why of Homeschooling by Voddie Baucham.  How is it I have missed knowing who Voddie Baucham is?  So, my husband listened to the CD this past week.  And he came home excited for ME to listen to it.  This is usually backwards in our house, by the way.  He made sure I had time to listen to it unbothered in the car on the way home from the hospital, lol.  It’s QUITE convicting.

I can’t find it online for ya’all.  But since mostly mamas and wives read my blog, I did find this one that you might enjoy.

Biblical Womanhood

And so my goal is to listen to this one today.

It was MORE than a little painful to listen to the Why of Homeschooling.  Oh, I’m a CONVICTED homeschooler.  Unfortunately he deeply addressed the proper training of our children.  And I wasn’t quite ready for that.  I have a tendency to get sidetracked and I excuse it being my personality.  But I’ll not have an excuse before God and so……..

Ask yourself today this one question please.

When I stand before God and I am accountable to Him for how I trained up those blessings He gifted me with, when He laid out His ministry before me……..  How will I justify how I spent my moments?  Sixty minutes in each hour, twenty four hours in each day, 365 days in each year.  If we ONLY have our children for 18 years then we have had 9,460,800  minutes to spend, teach, indoctrinate, love, educate, and catechize our children.  We are accountable for EACH of those minutes.  How will we explain the job we’ve done?

Do we truly believe that THIRTY of those minutes, five days a week is sufficient?  What about an HOUR?  Is that sufficient for a twenty four hour day?  When we wake up and when we lie down………

Enjoy my vacation.  And I hope you’re challenged.

I have to admit there are an awful lot of good ideas in Tapestry.  Day 2 (and about 4 weeks of setting up) and I can see why so many people love it!  Marcia must have one of those amazing creative minds I hear about. 🙂

We made these cards today for geography and she also has games planned for them.  She made templates to fill out on the back.  We made them in PrintShop (just a cheapy version bought many eons ago from Ebay) and used the U.S. map found on each state page in Wikipedia.  For the state outline we used this site:  State Outlines and just blocked out the name of the state on the index card.  On the back he’ll fill in all of the state’s information.  They can be used in games or as flashcards, but what a great way to learn all the states and capitals! I especially liked the site listed above because there is a red star where the capital is on each blank map.

Example: South Carolina

Example: South Carolina

Have I mentioned to you that I’m loving Tapestry of Grace?  For the person who is deadset against textbooks and wants their children “on the same page” I would almost think it was written JUST for me.  The problem is that by the time I’d write my own curriculum I was too worn out to do all the creative things I could find ideas for on the internet.

I feel like the walking spokesperson for Tapestry of Grace at this point, but I promise I’m using a paid for version, lol.  And the OLD version to boot.  You can do Tapestry on a dime… Well, er, maybe a quarter.  And, yes, we’ve had to tweak it.  But I’m using a curriculum I’m thrilled with to no end.

By the way, we took her suggestion and we’re also making President cards this year.  Christian truly enjoyed filling out the card and reading the information yesterday.  Gasp! It almost didn’t feel like school work.  And to have something really tangible to show for the effort is really neat.  Plus it’s easy to store… And we all know I’m a little beserk about that.

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