Okay!  I’m a little behind….  I’ve had a few friends, and you know who you are, that have been hasslin’ me about joining Facebook.    With this strange amount of clicks coming mysteriously from Facebook yesterday,  I did it.  I caved.   I joined.

And of course then I had to peek at all of our old friends and aquaintances from high school.  It’s so ODD to see them as grown-ups.  And to be honest with you, I don’t think I really realized that *I* am now thirty-something.  Granted, the massive number of children should have clued me into it, but I’m telling you I don’t feel older than, what?  Twenty-two, twenty-three?   Of course, this could explain my paranoia that most doctors I see this day didn’t in fact go to college but are little Doogie Howsers straight from high school.

So, our farm has experienced a massacre of epidemic proportions.  I only wish I was kidding.  We keep our dogs kenneled when we are not outside with them.  Granted, we’re outside almost constantly, but it keeps everything safe and them under control and well behaved.  We do this because they are dogs, and because they are walking death.  Legend has a special affinity for chickens and Lacey will kill anything.   The other morning we awoke to two loose dogs and a dead hen pheasant.  I can’t tell how frustrating that was…. Knowing they probably dragged her off of a nest of eggs.

Then, tragedy hit.  Lacey got out of the kennel.  The kennel we’ve zip-stripped about every 2.5 inches.   First thing in the morning she killed a broiler chicken.  She followed that up by finding her way into my rabbit colony.  Please don’t try to picture it… It was ugly.  She killed 15 baby rabbits before we found her.

Lacey is going to a new home.  My mind is absolutely made up.  When they learned to open the kennel, we began to padlock it.  We’ve done our best but it’s time to admit defeat.  You can’t take an animal that’s been bred for a few thousand years to dig into tunnels and drag out rodents to leave the rabbits alone.  As this was the 21st rabbit she’s killed this year, I give up.  Grandpa picked her up last night.  She’s going to his farm, to replace a little terrier that died four years ago.  He only started talking about getting a new terrier this winter, so this works out beautifully.  She dig and chase to her heart’s content and not have to be kenneled ever.  Legend, without the instigator, should do okay.  We’re going to start chicken training today with him as I was just told he wiped out the Little Red Hen.  This truly was the biggest tragedy of all.

Lizzie and Little Red Hen

Lizzie and Little Red Hen

Lizzie loved the Little Red Hen.  Yes, I know, function… They’re supposed to be for meat, eggs, et cetera and we shouldn’t be attached to them.  It doesn’t work that way.  Lizzie’s little eyes are all red and puffy.  She admitted she might love it even more than Angel.  And the litter that Lacey killed?  Every last one of the entire litter?  Opal’s.  My favorite.  The little calico bunny.

I feel like quitting on days like today.  I’m really NOT a warm, fuzzy, animal lover.  I promise.  I have a heart of stone… kind of.   But I really did love that little calico bunny.  Sigh.

The good news is Legend is less distracted for now.   Lacey may come back after she’s fallen into good graces.  And if we decide to move the bunnies into hutches for their safety.  And this too shall pass……..

Ah, I’ve been meaning to begin a little installment of featuring some really amazing Work at Home Mamas.  But, as many things I just INTEND to do, but never q-u-i-t-e make it, it just hasn’t happened.

This particular mama I was able to beg to feature a couple weeks ago and so I’ve stolen her pictures with permission.  Let me entertain you….

Welcome to Wild Child Woolies.

Obviously, photos can speak for themselves, but in case they aren’t speaking loudly enough 😉 let me elaborate.   I’ve had the pleasure of owning one set from Wild Child Woolies and they were very well put together.  There was only one drawback that I could find…  Sigh.  I was scared to let the child wear them.  They were made for Abigail in a really lovely dyed interlock with an incredible embroidered fairy.  It was top notch work all the way around and I’ll admit that they really made you understand the beauty of interlock!

Hangin' with my gnomies!

Hangin' with my gnomies!

LOL, and obviously she’s clever too!

Okay, that’s adorable, but these are just precious!  A good reason for anyone to have a baby girl… Like anyone needs an excuse for another girl. 🙂

I love the dyes on this one!

I love the way she dyed this one!

For your little cupcake

For your little cupcake

So, you can see why I wanted to feature Wild Child Woolies.  She is one talented Mama and I really think she’s making something pretty unique to Hyena Cart.  She’s stocking tonight at Fresh if you want to take a peek.  But because I’m not a meanie, I’ll give you a little teaser.

Fresh Stocking

Fresh Stocking

I’m fairly computer literate. Hey, I can use iTunes. I can upload and download with your average Joe.
Okay, so I’m no smooth clickin’ CyberMama, but I can get by.

So, please, imagine my surprise when I type “blacks specks blugill” into the Google search engine and get… Um, well some rather MORE than suggestive pictures. As a matter of fact there was nothing “suggestive” about the pictures… They were flat out BLATANT! I didn’t know what went wrong. I hit “Back” as fast I my mouse could click and checked the link that Google gave me. Nope, the link looked good, the description really was about fish. (By the way, the “specks” are parasites. Supposedly safe for human consumption but eewwww.)

This had been happening a lot lately. When I tried to figure out what was wrong with the washing machine, it kept taking me to unintended links.

I thought it was really strange last week when all my cookies were deleted and I had to retype my passwords into everything. Hmm… Clueless much?

Turns out I’ve been clickjacked. Yeah, it’s a new term for me as well. It opened our eyes to a lot of things including the fact that our computer world isn’t nearly as safe as we thought it was. We got rid of Internet Explorer – see ya! We downloaded Mozilla Firefox as our new browser. We downloaded the AVG Internet Security which works with Firefox. Then we downloaded NoScript which protects us against things like clickjacking.

Well, drat. I had meant to blog today on our plans about Summer Schooling and what we’d be doing this summer. Yes, I use the blog to motivate my real life. Oh well. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do such a thing. 😛 Instead I get to tell you about clickjacking and then go and change every single one of my passwords assuming I can remember them all. I’d highly recommend that you download Firefox with the NoScript plugin. I can’t recommend it enough. I clicked on perfectly legitimate links, protected links, with my Firewall and Security in place and I still got there… To that place you’d never want your children to know exists. I’m praying this will do the trick. In the meantime the kids have essentially been banned from any clicking until I am absolutely sure our innocent clicks won’t take us anywhere sordid.

Nothing sounds good.  But I’m in the mood to cook.

Finally.  I found it.

And so this morning I really wanted to inspire you with a witty and cute poem.

But it started like this:

Once there was a cute little mama,
Who was witty, bright, and sweet….

And it ends with something… Blah, blah, blah and  puked on her feet.

Needless to say the morning sickness and nausea is squelching my enthusiasm and also, obviously, my poetic ability.

So sorry.

Instead I’m just going to link you to a another witty, sweet, mama who wrote a really great piece on Mamas.  And more importantly on our role in our family and the importance of training OURSELVES.  Yes, I know.  You really don’t want to hear it.  It’s going to be some wretched, convicting piece about how you should ….  (Fill in the blank here with whatever you rightly feel guilty about.)

Raising Godly Tomatoes  – “The Parent’s Part”

If you’ll excuse me now, you go read, I’ll go hold in vomit.   BTW, for those of you who don’t know – this DOES mean it’s a girl.

My sweet husband looked at me last Monday morning and said, “I know why, in the Amish, the women do the inside work and the men do the outside work.”

Yeah, me too.  It’s so when they wake up on Monday morning and the garden looks great, and the lawn looks great, and the barn looks great…. The women don’t look around their house and want to move, alone, to a tropical island.

I spent no less than six hours, more like eight, push mowing our acreage last weekend.  We haven’t quite got around to buying a riding lawn mower yet since our big move.  Now, I admit it, I like mowing the lawn.  But, come Monday morning, when I’ve neglected the house all weekend long, not done laundry, and have cooked, but not done dishes, well, it’s depressing.

So, I’ve vowed this weekend, this long four day weekend, this won’t happen.  Especially as we are having a homeschooling group meet at our home Wednesday morning.  That would be ugly.

So, perhaps if I commit to my “To Do” list here and now…. 

1. Laundry
2. Butcher three chickens.
3. Scrub AND polish floor.
4. Move all the rubbermaid tubs of clothes into the garage AND put them away.
5. Sarah’s dress
6. Sarah’s birthday cake
7. Sarah’s blanket with Lizzie
8. Work with Legend – he’s getting food aggressive towards Lacey.  We want him to, “Come, Sit, Wait…” And then I feed him from above and be able to pet him all the while he eats, 2-3 times per day.  He’s just too big to not train in this way. 
9. Bunny colony – set it up in the barn.  Okay, so this breaks the Amish Division of Duties rule, but these are my bunnies… I have to have SOME control!
10. Stake the goats – weed control around the fences.
11. Milk, yes this should be #1, but we locked her away late last night.
12. Secure goat fencing…  Long story.  But my dh is going to turn our dairy goats into meat goats if they get into his garden.  ‘Nuff said.
13. Kick all boys out of my house.  Amish Division of Duties en force.  😛

What inspires you?

My children, other mamas, Hyena Cart and the lovely mamas who know how to do handmade right, a passion for natural…….

Inspire Handmade

Inspire Handmade

My beloved goat, Cinderella, has been a faithful little beast.  She’s given me nearly 1/2 gallon (and sometimes more) at each milking.  That’s approximately 64 ounces of milk.  Please imagine my confusion when she gave me EIGHTEEN ounces last night.  What in the world?

Apparently, there are two very good reasons for this.

The first is that the seven and four year old decided to milk the goat.  Silly me, I thought they were in the barn to play with the babies.  They got her up in the milkstand, fed her, and milked her.  They also taught two of the babies (bottlefed) where milk comes from.  No wonder they weren’t climbing all over me at feeding time.  I’ve been robbed!

So, let this be a lesson to you, more is caught than taught! Even when you don’t want it to be.

It’s 3:05 here… My house is entirely quiet, with the exception of perking coffee.  I’m calling a coffee break.  The big kids are all deeply engrossed in their books and the little ones are all napping.  This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to take a coffee break. 

It is no small feat to get an 8 month old, a 2 year old, a 4 year old, a 5 year old, and a 7 year old to nap at the *exact* same time.  They may only be pretending to nap…  Completely acceptable!  As long as they pretend convincingly.

I’ll admit to being a bit self-conscious about my coffee addiction.  A beloved friend asked me last week how I take my coffee.  And, being a weenie, I wanted to change the subject.  But, I sucked it up and  told her…  It starts with a cup of very strong flavored French Vanilla coffee.  Add creamer.  (Normal, right?)  Then three teaspoons of chocolate milk mix.   And whipped cream.  And a dash of mint extract. 

Fine.  So I’m a weenie.  Nope, I don’t drink it black.  She, being always upfront and painfully honest said, “So, glorified cocoa, huh?”  Well, maybe.  I admit, I’m no rough and tough black coffee drinker.  But it’s good.  And it calms me.  And, frankly, methinks I deserve it.