Current Read Aloud: Wizard of Oz

Current Morning Basket Books:
Training Hearts Teaching Minds (always)
Morning Star of the Reformation
William Bennett’s Book of Virtues (long version)

Morning Basket Memory Work:
Training Hearts Teaching Minds Catechism
Trail Life Motto: Colossians 1:10



I’ll be adding titles and descriptions of our “special” books.  Each year my paternal grandparents give us money for Christmas to buy special books for the children.  We’ve been gathering these for about four years now and we’ve amassed quite a collection.  We think you’d enjoy our special bookshelf and we’ll be posting our titles, thoughts, and descriptions of each book.  Please be patient as we add these.

Thank you!

The Way Home

The Way Home

The Way Home ~ A Princess Story comes from Max Lucado and I can say that he did well with this one.   He has an amazing ability to bring things beyond me, down to an understandable level.  And he’s done the same for children in this book.   It is an outstanding book about how children of the King are sometimes misled and find their way home again.  Sweet, humbling, and a show of God’s grace.

Ana’s Favorite:

The Garden Wall by Jennie Bishop

The Garden Wall by Jennie Bishop

Many are familiar with Jennie Bishop’s The Princess and the Kiss and The Squire and the Scroll (which we’ll talk about later) but less well known, The Garden Wall, is a wonderful book!  This is one of Ana’s favorites of our “storybooks” despite being almost 13.  The funny thing is though, this book is perfectly suited for a preteens, young teens.  It is a parable, essentially, about the sacredness of vows and marriage.  It is a beautiful thing to watch this girl build her garden, and for the boy to build the protective wall around it.  What it is NOT: a story about dating, a cheesy lesson in morality, or a barely hidden “theme” book.    It’s a beautiful tale of the sacredness of ourselves while waiting for the garden to be finished with the marriage gate.

Lizzie’s favorite, a gift from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, Christmas 2004.

God's Wisdom for Little Girls

God’s Wisdom for Little Girls

God’s Wisdom for Little Girls by  Elizabeth George

More about this later…

One Response to “On Our Bookshelf”

  1. tricia Says:

    We own all three of these. We are currently reading one called Raising Maidens of Virtue. Our second time around with our younger daughters. We love it.

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