The weather has gone from a high of sixty, to today…  Expected high of 32 degrees.  Oh, yes, and 2-4 inches of snow.  Sigh.  This wouldn’t be so incredibly disappointing except Mark and I were going away!  We were leaving the children with my folks and going to see Tim Hawkins!  Do you know him?  We find him wildly hilarious, but you have to be able to laugh at yourself.   Homeschoolers, beware.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, do not watch his Adams Family parody!  And, yes, he’s  a homeschooler.   Funnier than that is Cletus Take the Reel.  Unfortunately, we’ve found the hard way that unless your family is “redneck” and you know country songs, you won’t find it very funny.  HOWEVER, considering that we meet both of the former criteria, we were laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks. 

I’ll admit that I absolutely CAN’T wait to see him.  Although, the concept of just getting to spend 15 hours alone with my husband is thrilling!  What will we do?  We’re coming home that night so that we can milk Cinderella in the morning.  A bit of a bummer.  Cinderella however, has amazed us with her drive to be near people.  As a matter of fact, she cleared a 4.5 foot fence yesterday.  How does a goat do that?   It’s amazing.  So, we’re working on a new fence for her this weekend.  She gave a whopping full gallon on Wednesday!  I was so impressed.  It made her prison break a little more bearable. 

Half of our new homeschooling books came yesterday!  WooHoo!  Nothing like opening a huge box of shiny, new books!  What a thrill!

Legend is doing beautifully.  He has had zero accidents so far and Karen tells me that he was not potty trained.  She did tell me to get a large crate, but with a divider to make it smaller. I’m sure that made all the difference.  She sent him home with all sorts of goodies, but his absolute favorite is a little blue fleece blanket, covered in brown puppies, that smells like home.  What a thoughtful gift to give a pup!  He goes to the veterinarian this morning for his physical and to meet her.  We told her we were homeschoolers and that we’re using it as a field trip, so she’s preparing a little package for the kids!  How thoughtful is that? 

So, Ana is absolutely in love.  She is convinced that Legend is the smartest, sweetest, most beautiful puppy in the world.  I’m not sure she’s wrong.  He can sit like a good boy.  He isn’t fearful, jumpy, timid, or hyper.  I think he’s the perfect fit for us.  He just seems to be energetic, friendly, and the perfect velcro pup.

Ana, Dog Whisperer

Ana, Dog Whisperer

Legend loves being near us.  Everywhere we go, he goes.  He especially seems to love Mark.  But Tim loves him best I’m pretty sure.  Legend has not quite figured out steps yet.  And he thinks he’s a big dog.  He tried to convince me yesterday that he doesn’t need to use steps.  He thinks he can just hop on the porch like a big dog.   Maybe someday Legend!  Right now his front half can get up there, but that back half is just weighing him down!

I Think I Can

I Think I Can

And, of course, one step behind,  is Tim.  “Need help Boy?”

Legend will meet Bear this weekend.  Bear is my parents’ dog.  She is an Akita mix and really should have been a lap dog.  She’s getting old, but she’s the sweetest, quietest dog.  And she likes other dogs.  Well, maybe.  Actually we’re not sure Bear likes or dislikes anything.  She’s just okay with everything.  With the exception of her lawn chair, which she loves.  It is really odd to be sitting out at Mom and Dad’s, everyone in a lawn chair around the fire or whatnot, and Bear in her lawn chair. 

I was thinking the other day about how all three of us kids have dogs.  My brother and his wife have two, Baby and Precious.  One is a German Shorthair, the other a Lab.  My sister and her husband have Jeep.  All are spoiled dogs, though well behaved.  Jeep is exceptionally talented.  I, no kidding, watched the dog open his own Christmas presents this year!  I wish I had had it on camera, I would put it on YouTube for all of you.  It was amazing!  Sean (my brother-in-law)  has spent a huge amount of time with Jeep.  Dalmatians aren’t well known for their trainability to say the least.   Sean has apparently deeply influenced Tim.  I found this out yesterday as Tim tried to explain to Legend how to “High Five.”  Hmmmm…  I think “Down” might be easier.

Have a wonderful day!