As I watched my husband unload wood with our two boys, that there was a more efficient way to do it.  He could have just done it himself.  Hopped up there, tossed the wood to the basement and been done with it.

Instead, he allowed our two boys to help.  Slowing down to alternate throws with them, tossing overtop of them.  Then they had to pick up the ones that Tim dropped short of the cellar door.

He could have done it much faster.  But he didn’t.

And it occurred to me that too often we have a, “Git ‘er done” philosophy.  There’s so much work to do in the day.   So much that presses on our time, so much to accomplish.  But I think perhaps instead of “getting it done” we need to be training hearts and attitudes.

Today, I watched  as my husband took the time to do this hard work with the boys.  And he taught them, through actions, not empty words,  to enjoy their work and to get the job done.  And our boys were proud of themselves.  Christian loaded that load of wood while dh cut it.  Just the two of them, out in the trees. 

My Boys

My Boys