Okay! I did it. I couldn’t resist. Couldn’t! So I did the next best thing.

I found a Congo I LOVE that only stocks once a month.

On the 9th every month….

BTW, the binders – they are on my To Do list for THIS morning.  Photos should be up by lunch.

Drum roll please!!

I am so very excited and pleased to announce the artist who has
taken over the True Vine formulations.

I was actually able to meet this great mama in REAL life and I can
fully believe she is as committed to natural and herbs as I am.

Natalie has made letting go of the control of True Vine SO easy on me
and I have FULL confidence in her abilities AND her commitment to customer service.

Beyond that,her professionalism speaks in her packaging.  She’s done a beautiful job with her new labels and I am just loving her branding.

Herbal Balm and Amazing Packaging

Herbal Balm and Amazing Packaging

I really think she has what it takes to succeed and more than that, she’s a REAL mom who is committed to mamas and children…. Not just “faking” for a great marketing gimmick.  She’s the real deal and I just can’t say enough how happy I am at how all of this turned out.

The Avocado and Calendula soap?  It’s stocked!


Avocado & Calendula

Avocado & Calendula

And, wow!  Pomegranate soap?

Pomegranate from Earth Muffin

Pomegranate from Earth Muffin


What a great Mama’s Day treat for yourself or someone you love.

I am so grateful to all of my VERY loyal True Vine customers and I can’t tell you what a blessing you all were to me.  Natalie has made parting with the business very lovely and sweet and a true relief rather than a burden. 

So with great joy I am announcing Earth Muffin as my successor!
Blessings and ENJOY!