The farm we rent used to be a certified organic farm.  We’re pretty excited to drop our garden into the soil this year.  The farmer came and disced the area and our neighbor came and tilled it for us on Tuesday.  It did, of course, spend all day raining yesterday.  We’re hoping with good weather today and tomorrow, we’ll FINALLY get to put in our little seedlings.   Those seedlings are getting a bit desperate to be out of the containers we started them in way back in February.   It’s been a long, cold Spring and we’re hoping that by waiting a bit, we’ll have prevented the shock that many people are experiencing in their gardens this year.  

Fresh Dirt!

Fresh Dirt!

Exciting isn’t it? 

Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons is on the reading list for today and Friday.  Planting begins in earnest on Saturday. 

If I can in any way influence my husband, it will look like this woman’s blog by Monday.

  Don’t hold your breath though.  I have zero weight in the garden planning area.  I am Master Weeder.  Hear me roar.


That and barn re-arranging.  Angel and BlackJack are getting their own stall as I don’t trust Cinderella and her gang of misfits to be nice to our sweet Baby Angel.  Naughty goats.