Who we are, what we’re about… In pictures.

True Vine has had a bit of an evolution from the time it was created until now.  I began soaping going on three years ago, but have been interested in herbs for far longer.  I began dabbling in 2001, when I began taking red raspberry leaf during my pregnancy with Elizabeth and it’s grown over the years.  When I began soaping, I just wanted to find an outlet for using herbs and essential oils.  I wanted to make something good, something healthy, to nurture my family.

It grew beyond my expectations and it became a bit overwhelming.  We had many choices to make…  To see how successful it could be, or to scale it back a bit to manageable proportions.

In the end we found what we truly wanted we knew all along.  True Vine, from John 15, means staying grounded in God and what He would want for us.  I see True Vine as a ministry to other families, wanted to raise their little ones with healthy products.  We’ve scaled back so that it’s success would not be at the expense of our family’s well-being. 

In the end, we’ve found that we are all happy when I am a wife and mother first and foremost.  And in my spare time, while walking WITH my children, I’m able to create a few great products, especially for mamas and little ones… Naturally.

Free of parabens, free of fragrance oils, sulfates, and striving hard to utilize organic and natural materials, we create these items for our families and for families like ours.


Red Raspberry Leaf Herbal Blend

Red Raspberry Leaf Herbal Blend