The Dangerous Journey

The Dangerous Journey

Right now we’re reading aloud:

Peter Pan – If you’ve never read the true Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, you are truly missing out on something wonderful.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and truly it’s one book that is far more entertaining for the adult reading the story than the children.  No matter though!  The kids will enjoy every single battle and the moments in between.

Pilgrim’s Progress – Unabridged  One would think that a child couldn’t “get” The Pilgrim’s Progress.  I’m surprised how much the kids are actually picking up.  I will say that we’ve read The Dangerous Journey about 100 times and so the children are familiar with the story line.  I have to tell you that if you do not own The Dangerous Journey, it is one of those books that absolutely, unequivocally, is a MUST HAVE book.  We’re preparing to order our second copy as we’ve shredded the first by reading and rereading, not to mention the pictures are fabulous.

Our Island Story

Our Island Story

We’ve just begun Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall.  It’s a living book on the history of Great Britain, which in turn has greatly affected the history of the United States.  So far I’m liking it very much.  It’s a great FAMILY read, which means your five year old will appreciate it too, and you won’t dread reading it.

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