It’s my intention to post weekly menus as well as attach grocery lists, et cetera.  Tips for healthy meal planning, and more.  We’ll see how quickly this accomplished!

If anyone knows how I can turn my menus and grocery list into a downloadable JPEG, my ears are open.

Tonight’s meal?  Shepherd’s Pie.  I know, it’s late May and I should be eating grilled foods, melons, veggies sauteed…  But it’s all of about 50 degrees here today and I’m COLD!  The woodburner is going and our little plants are looking a bit thankful we didn’t stick them in the ground this weekend.


Chicken Pot Pie today!  Click on Skylar Bee’s photo for the link to the recipe.

Loaded with veggies!

Loaded with veggies!

Some minor tweaks first, then the tips.   I don’t know why anyone would want this without a bit of garlic, so we add it.  We add garlic to pretty much everything though. 🙂  Double the onions, yum.  And while you’re at, double the sauce because if some is nice, twice as much is better!  And who makes chicken pot pie without potatoes? So, there’s the tweaks.

Onto the tips….

Tuesday: Feeling the need for comfort food today just because I’m feeling all “homey” and want to!  Now, if you’re baking ONE chicken breast, bake ten.  No, really.  Shred that chicken and use it later in the week for burritos, quesadillas, soup, whatever.  But, it’s a huge time saver and you’re baking one anyway… It doesn’t take any extra time.  I try to think this way about ground beef as well.  Thaw out ten pounds and cook it in a roaster, or twenty.  It takes the same amount of time.  Drain it and refreeze in one meal serving sizes.  Meat is almost never the main course.   It’s more of an addition to a meal rather than THE meal.  Veggies and whole grains should make up the majority of your meal and then you can add meat to it.

It’s Monday and we all know we have to spend hours helping our home (and laundry) recover from the weekend.  Let’s do easy tonight, shall we?

Ham & Beans from All Recipes
Ham & Beans from All Recipes
Saturday’s menu:  Homemade Pizza.  By now, you’re noticing a theme.  That’s right!  I CANNOT actually cook.  I was blessed with ZERO cooking ability.  Thanks to All Recipes even extremely cooking challenged women like me can make good food.  So, you’ll consistently see me using AllRecipes.  Almost all the time.  Yes, my gourmet husband makes fun of me because I *need* a recipe.  That’s okay!  At least the food is edible.

Jay’s Pizza Crust – hands down, the best crust recipe.  My family won’t tolerate 100% whole wheat, so we go about 60% WW and 40% unbleached.  You can use honey instead of brown sugar.

Pizza Sauce – the canned stuff has nothing on this recipe.  But, it really needs some spice.  So add the spices from this recipe.  The reason behind it is that I like the texture from the first, but the seasoning from the other.  Oddly, I prefer 2 -3 teaspoons (to your taste) of brown sugar in my sauce instead of honey.  I know, not as healthy!   I’ve never bothered with the anchovy paste.  It’s awesome.

Finally, top it with your favorite ingredients.  I received a Pampered Chef pizza stone a couple of years ago as a gift.  I can say I love that stone.  It does such a beautiful job on pizza crust.  If you make a lot of homemade pizza, and we make a LOT of pizza, this is a worthwhile purchase, or better an idea as a gift for the holidays.

Friday’s menu:

Baked Salmon

Baked Salmon

(Photo from All Recipes.)

Sans pecans for us, we haven’t tried this recipe before.  Generally we just bake it with a blend of lemon juice and pepper, but I’m feeling a little wild and crazy.  Onions, peppers, and green beans sauteed on the side.

Baked salmon with veggies.

Thursday’s menu:

No picture today!  Sorry!  CJ marinated chicken breasts with lots of herbs and lemon juice yesterday and we baked it.  We’ll cook brown rice tonight, and toss it with a ton of sliced red peppers and onions and black beans and put it on tortillas.  It’s easy.  It can be made at naptime and then reheated later.  It’s one of our favorite meals, it’s healthy, AND delicious.  Love it!  We often have this at least once a week or we do the same thing with beef.   I would also assume just a ton of veggies, beans, and rice would be just as good.

Wednesday’s menu:

Stuffed RED peppers

Stuffed RED peppers

Healthy tweaks to this recipe are:  Use brown rice instead of white, I also prefer the taste of red peppers over green.  DH LOVES the green, but not the rest of us!  We also don’t like to use the “condensed tomato soup” as it generally has a lot of ickiness including high fructose corn syrup.  Just use stewed or diced tomatoes with a little sauce on it for some all natural goodness.   You must add basil and oregano and, if you’re like us, a ton of minced garlic.  I add the seasoning to the browned ground beef and onions!  Enjoy!

Tuesday’s menu:

Potatoes and Ham

Potatoes and Ham

I’m feeling like comfort food tonight.  Plus, Dad had an entire pig put into our freezer.  (It pays to know a farmer.)  So, yum.   Do pay attention to the comments below, the tweaking of the recipe usually results in a better meal.
Southwestern Egg Rolls

Southwestern Egg Rolls

Oh my!  These are so incredibly good!  Plan ahead, because to fry them you need to freeze them first.  We baked them and they were fantastic, but I’d like to follow the recipe tonight.  The recipe is from All Recipes and you’ll go right to it if you click on the picture!  SO good!

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